The Superman Workout You Need Before You Wear a Cape

A true Superman workout probably involves train cars, tanks, anchor chains, and bridge cables (ya know, for his jump rope).

While you'll probably never be faster than a speeding bullet or able to leap a tall building (not that those are necessary powers on a daily basis), you can't deny that Superman makes those blue and red tights look good.

Whether you wear a cape like Superman or a thick pair of glasses like Clark Kent, you'll get superhero fit with these workouts.


Workout Prep

It’s never a good idea to jump right into a workout without properly warming up.

Here’s a short routine to get the blood pumping before you put a cape for this workout.

  • 10 x Jumping Jacks

  • 10 x Seal Jacks

  • 10 x Pushups

  • 5 x Pullups

  • 10 x Air Squats

  • 10 x Front Lunges (5 on each leg)

  • 10 x Back Lunges (5 on each leg)

  • Plank for 30 seconds


  • Complete 3 rounds

  • No rest between sets

  • 15-30 seconds rest between rounds


Workout Routine A - Max Reps

Here’s the list of equipment you’ll need for this muscle-shredding routine:

During this circuit training routine, you’re going for max reps for the time listed:

  • 30 Seconds - Push Press (Dumbbells)

  • 30 Seconds - Basic Jump

  • 30 Seconds - Pull Ups

  • 30 Seconds - Boxer Skip

  • 30 Seconds - Bent Over Row (Dumbbells)

  • 30 Seconds - Crisscross

  • 30 Seconds - Burpees

  • 30 Seconds - Freestyle Jump


  • Complete 2-3 rounds

  • Rest 1 minute between rounds

  • Rest 10-15 seconds between sets


Workout Routine B - Big Lifts

Here's the list of equipment you'll need for this kryptonian routine:

  • Barbell

  • Squat Rack

  • Incline Bench

  • Kettlebells

  • Jump Rope

ATTENTION: In this routine, when working up to your 1 rep max (1RM) for each working set, perform as many warm-up sets at a lower weight as needed. Keep warm up sets below 10 reps each to conserve energy.

Phase 1 (1RM)

  • Hang Clean & Jerk

Phase 2 (Superman Set - 1 rep of each movement in a row)

  • Clean Pull

  • Power Clean

  • Front Squat

  • Push Press

  • Split Jerk

Complete 4 sets

Phase 3 (1RM)

  • Front Squats

Phase 4 (Superset)

  • Front Squats - 7 reps (at 70% of 1RM)

  • Back Squats - 13 reps

  • Complete 3 sets


  • 30-45 seconds between warm-up sets, 90-120 seconds between working sets.

  • Freestyle Jump Rope between each phase (1 minute)



Even Superman would find this workout challenging. Remember to pace yourself, hydrate, and know your limits.

The lesson here is to determine your 1RM in a safe manner. If you don't know what your limits are, you can't push them.



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