How To Increase Stamina With A Jump Rope

What up fam!You speak, we listen. A lot of you have asked how to increase stamina by jumping rope, so that’s what we’re going to help you with today.

So instead of the typical high-intensity workouts that we give you, we’re going to help you increase your energy levels and overall health to keep you in great shape over the long run.

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How To Increase Stamina For the Long Run

Alright fams. We have a little workout here to help give you what your body needs in order to maintain high energy levels over the long run. This physical stamina will help with your recovery time and even your overall health. So let’s get to it.

The complete circuit contains the following:

  • 1 minute of jump rope
  • 1.5 minutes of jump rope
  • 2 minutes of jump rope
  • 30 seconds of jump rope

You are going to rest 30 seconds between each exercise.

Then, you will complete 2 or 3 circuits, resting 1 minute between each set.

And that’s it.

Let’s do the thing:

How To Manage Your Physical Activity For Optimum Stamina Building

You want to start with a nice steady pace that will keep your heart rate at a more moderate level, unlike the high-intensity workouts we typically give you.

This is called aerobic exercise, which improves your heart health and your endurance fitness level by using longer periods for working out.

Feel free to jump rope with any exercises you want. For example, you can do each and any of the following for 15 seconds for your first 1-minute exercise:

Regular Bounce

Boxer Skip

Side Swipe

Mummy Kicks

However, don’t worry if you can’t do anything other than the regular bounce. If you can do the regular bounce for each interval training in this workout, your physical stamina and fitness level will improve dramatically.

But, if you can mix it up, I highly recommend it. It makes the workout more fun, and works out different leg muscles in your body. It’s the little things like this that make jumping rope such a great exercise.

If you’re starting to get tired, that’s a good thing. Accept it and get yourself to push through.

Don’t forget though, you’re only going to do 2 or 3 circuits: that’s not even 30 minutes.

The High-Intensity 30-Second Exercise

Alright guys, the last 30-second exercise of each circuit is going to be high-intensity, unlike the other three.

If you can, you want to do the Side Swipe for your 30-second, high-intensity interval.

For this Side Swipe, you’ll want to repeat the following pattern as quickly as you can:

Side Swipe your jump rope to the right, Side Swipe your jump rope to the left, then do one Regular Bounce.

Continue that pattern as fast as you possibly can, and you’ll finish each circuit with a bang, helping you build that physical strength you’re looking for.

If you can’t do this, no problem. Just do the regular bounce as fast as you can. The important thing is that these 30 seconds are done with high-intensity.

Quick Recap

Alright Fam, here’s a quick recap of today’s workout on how to increase stamina by jumping rope:

  • 1 minute of jump rope
  • 1.5 minutes of jump rope
  • 2 minutes of jump rope
  • 30 seconds of jump rope

You are going to rest 30 seconds between each exercise.

Then, you will complete 2 or 3 circuits, resting 1 minute between each set.

That’s it, that’s all. You got this guys. If you’re looking to get lean and build some awesome physical stamina, you’ll get there with this workout.


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  1. Jumping rope can be practiced anywhere and it is inexpensive. I love this form of cardio workout as you don’t need a lot of room to train and you can train inside if the weather is bad. You also don’t require expensive gym membership. Plus you get health benefits like strengthening of heart and lungs. I think its better than running as jumping rope is a medium impact exercise and is less likely to cause damage to your knees and ankles.

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