4 Week Jump Rope Challenge (FREE)

What is going on Zen Dude Nation?!? We want to talk to you about our FREE 4 WEEK CHALLENGE. Go ahead. Click it. JOIN US! It’s free. What do you have to lose? Some weight?

You’ve heard about it? Great.

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Listen up! We know a lot of you are already in the challenge. Still, take a look at this because we are going to address a lot of questions that we run into frequently.

Free 4 Week Jump Rope Challenge FAQ

Who is this 4 Week Challenge for?

A: This Challenge is for anyone and everyone that wants to start moving their body and build momentum in an exercise program.

What equipment do I need?

A: A jump rope and a pull up bar can help, but you can substitute with a little creativity.

What is the best time of day to workout?

A: There is no best time! When will it work for you? After work? When you first wake up? Find that spot in the where you can create a habit that you’ll stick with; that’s the best time!

Should I eat before I work out?

A: This is a loaded question. It depends on your goals. The short answer is NO, you don’t have to, but it depends on what is working for you and what your goals are. Are you intermittent fasting? Are you trying to get lean or bulk up? These are all things you need to consider, but ultimately, we believe you should be able to eat and workout whenever YOU want to.

Can I take a day off?

A: Take the DAY OFF! Absolutely. We know that everyone is starting at a different place. Jumping rope may be brand new to you. If it is, jump twice a week? Three times? It’s okay if you turn this into an 8-week challenge. Do what works for you and be sure to check out our tutorials as you build your skills.

Can I workout every-other day?

A: If that is what challenges you, DO IT (see above). It’s important that you push yourself. If you are pretty fit, can skip without pain and want results but are just too lazy, get some motivation and get after it 4-6 days a week!

Can I take more than 1 minute rest between circuits?

A: We hate to sound like a broken record, but fitness is simple; you just need to challenge yourself. The goal is to perform the challenge as prescribed, but when you’re getting started modify as you need it. If you need 2 minutes rest, take them. Need more, take it, but we’re not suggesting you go and have a coffee break. Let your heart rate settle, find your breath and get back to it!

What if I miss a bunch of workouts? Like a week? Or a few weeks?

A: Don’t sweat it. Get up. Brush yourself off and pick up where you left off. Life happens and it’ll probably challenge you again. Don’t over think this, remember why you want it and go get after your goals.

What if I can’t do all the exercises in the program?

A: You mean you can’t do pushups for 30 seconds straight? Modify. Do them from your knees or pick of a number of pushups you can do. Aim for that each round rather than continuous. Can’t do boxer skip without stuffin’ up? That’s okay too. Just do intense regular bounce. The important thing is that you move your body and challenge yourself.

What if I don’t have time for the whole workout?

A: 30 minutes? You got this. But if you don’t, that’s fine. Give it the time you have but don’t skimp or your warm and make sure you have the intensity up. Getting fit isn’t about spending hours a day working out; it’s about being consistent for a long time.

What jump rope should I use

A: Simple answer? Crossrope. We love the crossrope because we honestly believe it’s the best jump rope available. Use this link to grab our favorite, the agility rope for 10% off. If you aren’t ready for the crossrope, just grab what’s available and get skipping


What surface should I jump on?

A: In general concrete is going to be wearing on your rope and your body more than some other surfaces like, in a basket ball court or in the gym. But at the same time, often that is the easiest surface to find. Don’t be afraid of it just listen to your body; if you start to feel pain, ease off for a bit. If you don’t have a great flat surface look into the crossrope jump rope mat.


What do I do after I finish the challenge?

A: The next step is to graduate on to one our more intense programs. When you finish the challenge let us know and we’ll help you choose which is best for you: Building Muscle Course, Weight Loss Course and our favorite, the ZDF DOJO where you get direct support from Brandon, Dan and over 700 others who are going through this with you.


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  1. Hey Zen Dudes and dudettes, I came across the first zen-dude video a few weeks ago. since then I have been going through videos and learning new things. I am 20 yrs old and have not had very active lifestyle for some years (From 15-18) so during that time I got very skinny and weak (before that i was still skinny but used to go out to play at least). So recently I started going to the gym and eating mass-gainer etc, I gained some weight, but I still wasn’t as strong as I thought I would become. I couldn’t even do one pullup without assist. So I got a little disappointed with my progress and stopped gym for a month and half. During that time my belly started popping up a bit, i still have some of it. 😉 But in the recent few days I have been doing rope jumps. I can do single jump ropes very well (might even compete with you guys) but not the tricks. I hope with this 4 week challenge I am able to get back on track and get that strong, muscular and lean body. I live in New Delhi (India) and I am an undergrad at an university, we don’t have crossrope available in India and quite frankly I couldn’t probably afford it, but I have a rope that does the job for me. Tomorrow morning I am waking up early and starting this challenge. Wish me luck.

  2. What is the intensity at which we should do? should we give it a 100% every round or do it at an 80% intensity or endurance pace?

  3. I downloaded this challenge last year and I cleared all the files from my phone and I lost all my downloads. I’m trying to redownload the plan but all it shows is a black screen with a line across it. Is there any way you could send it to me it’s the only workout plan that has worked for me.


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