Master the Double Under and Stop Tripping on Your Jump Rope

The double under is one of the most classic jump rope tricks, but it’s difficult for many to master at first.

Today, we’re going to teach you how to do your first double under!

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How to do your first double under

There’s a good reason why so many people struggle with the double under.

It all boils down to the big F-word we talk about so often.


Most people trying to add the double under trick to their skill set are using improper form.

We’re going to cover the optimal form to execute the double under AND help you fix any bigger mistakes that might be holding you back.

We actually have multiple resources for double unders to assist you on your jump rope journey. You can check them out here:

But, our goal for today is to get you to successfully do your first double under by the end of this video no matter how many times you’ve tried before.

Benefits of double unders

So what’s the big deal with double unders? Why do them at all? Are there any benefits to the double under?

Great questions. Here we go with some answers:

  1. Using for circuit training with CrossFit

  2. Increase workout intensity

  3. Improves conditioning

  4. Strengthens endurance

  5. Burn more body fat in less time

  6. Greater agility

  7. Athletic explosiveness

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Getting started

If you want to achieve a double under, you first need to properly execute a regular bounce. Without it, trying to learn any trick is going to be much more difficult.

Whether you’re new to jumping rope or just need a refresher, you can check out our beginner video here:

One thing you’ll notice is that we use the SAME form for regular bounce that we do for the double under.

Remember: form is fun because it’s the foundation of cool tricks.

Here are a few elements of good form to keep in mind:

  • Low bounce. 1-2 inches off the ground.

  • Good posture. Standing tall.

  • Elbows in. Palms out.

  • Controlled rotations.

With the basics in your toolbox, you’re ready for the double under.

Do the thing

The key element of a successful double under is to minimize any variation from the regular bounce. You’re not adding a lot of different movements that are beyond the realm of the basic jump.

The only significant differences are:

  • Jumping a little higher off the ground

  • Adding more torque in your wrists as you rotate the rope

These adjustments transfer greater momentum to the rope and provide enough space so that the rope will rotate twice while you’re in the air.

NOTE: Don’t think of the double under as trying to spin the rope around twice.

Rather focus on simply adding a lot of velocity on the first rotation, and the rest will take care of itself because the increased momentum will carry the rope around a second time.

Need more help?

Okay, we realize we just made a frustrating trick sound crazy simple and easy. We get that the tips above are easy to say, but not always as easy to practice.

There are a couple things to point out real quick that a lot of beginners run into.

You may find these helpful if you’re following the steps above to attempt a double under and just can’t seem to nail it.

Mistake 1: Hands too high

If your rope keeps getting tangled on your feet, you might be bringing your hands up too high during the rotation. That is going to change the path of the rope around your body and cause it to hit your feet or shins (ouch!!).

This is a common error if you catch yourself tensing up as you try a double under.

Mistake 2: Over-spinning the rope

Depending on how fast you’re skipping before trying a double under, if you circulate your arms around too much or too quickly, the rope doesn’t have time to catch up the added velocity and you’ll likely end up tangled or whipping yourself (ouch!!).

Mistake 3: Dolphin kick

It’s completely natural to instinctively move your legs up and arch your body forward in order to somehow manage to get the rope to clear your feet twice.

Unfortunately, this also impacts the path of the rope and may cause you to trip up. Plus, this movement promotes bad posture and can negatively effect your basic jump as well.

Remember: clean form, jump a little higher, add some torque to your wrist movement.


At the end of the day, mastering the double under is all about practice.

The more work you put in, the more you’re going to get out of it, the better results you’re going to see.

We suggesting taking just 5 minutes on 3 separate days each week to practice tricks like the double under.

Once you get your first double under and are able to do one consistently, try 2, 3 or 10 in a row and keep challenging yourself during each practice session.

There is no finish line when it comes to fitness and what you can do with a jump rope.



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