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Shredded Ninja Program


Step One:
Watch The Workout Instructions Video + Download The Workout Plan Below

Beginner Jump Rope Demos
Advanced Jump Rope Demos
Push Up Exercise Demos
Back Exercise Demos
Leg Exercise Demos
Ab Exercise Demos
Calisthenic Exercise Demos

How To Jump Rope - 6 Basic Steps

Jump Rope Double Under Tutorial

How To Jump Rope Run In Place

How To Do The Double Under On One Leg

Jump Rope Feet Front To Back & Side To Side Tutorial

Criss Cross Jump Rope Tutorial

Zen Dude Shuffle (New Jump Rope Trick)

How To Jump Rope Fast

Jump Rope Front & Side Straddle Tutorial

How To Do The Jump Rope Boxer Skip

How To Do Jump Rope Mummy Kicks

How To Do Jump Rope Side Swipe

What Jump Rope Should I Buy?

How To Pick Your Jump Rope Size