Top Beginner Jump Rope Mistakes

Yo what’s up my international PLAAYA’S! Today, we’re talking about jump rope mistakes.Here’s the deal: when you’re getting started with the jump rope, you’re going to make mistakes. There’s no way around it so, we’re going to identify most common mistakes and help you avoid them.

Story time. A while back, Dan and I came together to create Zen Dude Fitness in a real way.

We’re like, “Yo, let’s go all-in on jump rope.”

In order to go “all-in jump rope,” I had to figure out how to jump rope like a ninja. I transitioned from a novice to a skilled ninja by avoiding these top jump rope mistakes.

Let’s get started!

Beginner Mistake #1: Jump Rope Grip

Problem: You’re grabbing the ends of the jump rope; the rope is loose and it makes it more difficult to do tricks and find your rhythm.

Solution: Choke up on the handles; get your fingers closer to the actual steel cable and the ball bearing. This will give you much more control and make the rope spin a lot smoother.

Beginner Mistake #2: Jump Rope Quality

Problem: You have an inexpensive jump rope. It has high memory, lots of friction in the handles and it doesn’t last long.

Solution: Get a high-quality jump rope. There’s a ton of options out there but we talk about the Crossrope so much because it is the highest quality rope available. It makes a significant difference in your ability to jump rope. Period.

Beginner Mistake #3: Wrist Position

Problem: Your wrists are too far apart, you end up tripping over the rope when you try to do tricks, because the jump rope is spread too long. This means there’s not enough length in the rope for it to make it underneath your feet.

Solution: Bring your wrists a few degrees closer to each other. You’ll gain more control.  You’ll get fluid, consistent and open the door to for cool tricks!

Beginner Mistake #4: Posture

Problem: You have bad posture. You’re hunched over, your neck is forward and you’re jumping with your knees.Solution: You wanna have straight up GOOD posture. Create a nice alignment from the crown of your head down through the balls of your feet, so as you’re hopping, you’re jumping rope on the balls of your feet. Keep your shoulders back and down. Focus on maintaining tension through your core and glutes so you have good posture throughout the movement.

Beginner Mistake #5: Bounce Height

Problem: When you are first getting started a lot of times you jump higher in the air so you don’t trip over the rope. This makes your hands come up, which also makes the jump rope come up and you end up tripping on the jump rope.

Solution: Bounce just a half-inch (or an inch off the ground), and you’ll you have much more control. You’ll be able to spin the rope smoothly, and your body won’t be flailing around all over the place as you are controlling this movement.

Beginner Mistake #6: Have Fun!

Problem: You’re self-conscious, worried about tripping up, or having people seeing you trip up so you won’t allow yourself to get into a flow-state.

Solution: Just let all of that go. All that worry, about messing up or not getting as good as you want to as fast as you like to. Don’t worry!

The whole point of jumping rope is to have fun and take care of yourself! The fact that you’re even doing it, is a win in itself.

Beyond this, if you want to enjoying this even more… You want to really bring yourself into the state of being present and the only thing that exists is every skip of that rope. You can try to close your eyes and focus on feeling and movement of that jump rope. If you’re listening to music, just the bounce as the beat drops.

Get yourself in the state of mind where you are completely present and you’re and you’re going to get better..


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