Fitness Programs

JRD Max Total Body Jump Rope Workout Plan

Lose Weight in 30 Min/Day. No Gym Required.

The JRD90 Program

Get Rapid Weight Loss Results in Just 90 Days.

Shredded Ninja Workout Plan

Lose Weight in 30 Min/Day. No Gym Required.

Swole Samurai Workout Plan

Build Muscle in 30 Min/Day. No Gym Required.

JRD Nutrition System 2.0

A simple meal system to help you lose weight or build muscle fast.

Jump Ropes

Picture of Crossrope jump rope sets.

Get Fit Bundle

The Get Fit Bundle is designed for your complete fitness goals. This set will help you get stronger while reducing body fat.

Crossrope Get Lean

Get Lean Set

The Get Lean Set is designed to help you lose weight (specifically body fat) and improve your overall fitness.

Crossrope Get Strong Set

Get Strong Set

The jump rope set designed for your strength goals. Includes Power Handles, 1 LB Infinity Rope, and 2 LB Infinity Rope.

1/4 LB Jump Rope

Light and durable ¼ LB rope is ideal for high-intensity, endurance, and double under training for all ages and abilities.

1/2 LB Jump Rope

The ½ LB rope helps beginners learn to jump rope and takes cardio to the next level for experienced jumpers.

1 LB Jump Rope

The 1 LB heavy jump rope is built for all fitness levels and great for high intensity training and upper body strength.

2 LB Jump Rope

The 2 LB heavy jump rope provides the ultimate full-body jump rope workout for all fitness levels.

crossrope jump rope mat

JRD LE Crossrope Mat

The ideal portable jump rope surface to protect your rope and joints.