JRD Nutrition System

Complete nutrition system for reaching your fitness goals

About JRD Nutrition System

JRD Nutrition System 2.0 is not a diet! It’s a simple meal system to help you lose weight or build muscle… fast!

Makes Nutrition Easy

Personalized For You

No More Guesswork

Sacrifice isn't the answer. Learn how you can eat healthy and transform your body without starving or giving up foods you love!


Fat loss and having a lean physique is mainly dependent on calories and macronutrients.

You’ll discover how to eat the right amount and types of food for you, taking into account your age, body type, fitness goals, and more, using the JRD Fitness Calculator.

You’ll also see how to track your daily calories and macro goals.


In addition to understanding how many calories and macronutrients you should be eating to lose fat, it’s also important to eat the right macros based on your body type.

You’ll uncover not only how eating for your body type will help you get results faster and easier, but how to do it!


You will get a complete system for learning what to eat for your body at home & while traveling, complete with details about nutrition and macros.


You’ll receive access to the full JRD library of nutrition and instructional videos, including information on intermittent fasting, the “Get Lean Protocol,” calorie cycling, and more, to help you get more results in less time.


We’ll teach you how to cook 40 quick and easy-to-prepare meals that taste awesome and support your nutrition goals.

You’ll also get our quick cooking guide where you’ll see how to prepare meat and fish, carb and veggie dishes, recipes for 11 dressings and marinades, and 4 epic protein shake recipes!


We provide you with simple and straight forward food guidelines to make eating healthy simple. Discover your “base” foods to dial in on your protein, carbs, and healthy fats.

Then take it 2 steps further with a list of health “add-ons” like veggies, fruits, snacks, and even dressing and sauces.


JRD Nutrition System 2.0 and all Jump Rope Dudes workout programs are accessible on iOS, Android, MACs, PCs, laptops and tablets at JumpRopeDudes.tv!


Just a few of the thousands of JRD Community Members who have experienced complete physical transformations using our jump rope weight loss workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

JRD Nutrition System is available exclusively inside the JRD app, the official jump rope workout streaming app of Jump Rope Dudes.

The program is available via our affordable app membership options (giving you access to all JRD workout programs and related content), or as a one-time purchase for a single amount (programs purchased using the single amount option are still accessed via the JRD app, but only purchased workouts will be accessible).

The app is available online at jumpropedudes.tv, and in the Apple and Play stores.

Memberships are available on a monthly and annual basis. Both include a 14-day free trial and you can cancel any time.

The JRD Nutrition System is accessible inside the JRD app. Simply sign into your account at jumpropedudes.tv or download the iOS or Android apps in their respective app stores.

All Jump Rope Dudes programs, daily workouts, live streams, and member community are available to JRD app members.

JRD Athletes who choose one of our affordable recurring membership options have access to all workout programs, including JRD Max, JRD90, Shredded Ninja, Swole Samurai, JRD Nutrition System, all daily workouts, live coaching streams, and the JRD Community!

JRD Athletes who have chosen the one-time, single-price workout purchase option also access their programs via the JRD app, but only have access to the programs they have purchased.

Recurring monthly and annual memberships are available. Each membership includes a 14-day free trial.

The Nutrition System will work for anybody who is willing to put the work in. It’s that simple.

We’ve had clients of all shapes and sizes give their all to our programs, and get it all back in terms of both their mental and physical transformation.

When you’re ready to start burning fat, losing weight, and getting lean, this program is powerful enough to make it happen.

JRD Nutrition System is not a diet, but a simple meal system to achieve rapid weight loss or muscle gain. You’ll learn how to transform your body while still enjoying the foods you love.

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