7-Day Challenge

7 days that could change your life!

About The Program

The Free 7-Day Beginner Challenge is specially crafted for those who are new to jumping rope and seeking a fun, straightforward approach to their weight loss journey.

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30 Minutes a Day

7 Days

A fun and engaging way to shed those extra pounds. Suitable for all fitness levels!


The 7 Day Beginner Jump Rope Challenge is 100% free! Just sign up and we’ll send you everything you need right to your inbox every day!

The 7-Day Beginner Jump Rope Challenge was designed specifically for new JRD Athletes who may have never jumped rope a day in their life, or even considered jump rope as a great form of exercise for weight loss, but are ready to give it a try.


We understand you may need a little additional instruction. So the 7-Day Beginner Jump Rope Challenge goes beyond a collection of beginner workout videos.

In addition to your workout videos, we’ve included videos on topics ranging from nutrition to jumping rope for weight loss to injury prevention and even key fundamentals of jumping rope!


All you need to do to complete the 7 day challenge is show up, press play, and do what we do.

The follow-along workouts are presented to you in high-quality videos complete with audio cues, timers, rest periods, exercise modifications, and inspiring music!


Just a few of the thousands of JRD Community Members who have experienced complete physical transformations using our jump rope weight loss workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t have to buy or subscribe to anything to do the 7-Day Beginner Challenge. It’s free to anyone who wishes to do it.

Although the 7-Day Challenge is accessible only inside the JRD app, you do not need to be a paying member to participate.

Just sign up for the challenge and watch your inbox as we deliver to you 7 days of fun and fitness!

The 7-Day Beginner Jump Rope Challenge is accessible inside the JRD app. Simply sign into your account at jumpropedudes.tv or download the iOS or Android apps in their respective app stores.

A weighted jump rope is ideal for exercise. Weighted ropes create more resistance resulting in greater muscle engagement and a higher caloric burn during your workouts compared to light ropes. Check out the “Jump Ropes” section of our website for more details.


Discover the effectiveness of jumping rope for weight loss and experience the efficient path to achieving your goals. Join The 7-Day Beginner Jump Rope Challenge free!