JRD Nutrition System

Complete nutrition system for reaching your fitness goals Get JRD NUTRITION System About JRD Nutrition System JRD Nutrition System 2.0 is not a diet! It’s a simple meal system to help you lose weight or build muscle… fast! Makes Nutrition Easy Personalized For You No More Guesswork Sacrifice isn’t the answer. Learn how you can … Read more

Swole Samurai

Muscle Building Jump Rope Workout Program Get SWOLE SAMURAI About The Program Swole Samurai combines heavy jump rope training with bodyweight exercises to help you build lean muscle, get and stay lean, and create an athletic, toned physique. 90 Days 5 Days a Week 30 Minutes a Day Combine our heavy jump rope training with … Read more

Shredded Ninja

Fat Loss Jump Rope Workout Program Get Shredded Ninja About The Program Say goodbye to gym memberships, overpriced spin bikes, and boring home workouts! Shredded Ninja is a fun, effective way to supercharge fat loss, feel great, and look incredible! 90 Days 5 Days a Week 30 Minutes a Day To get “shredded” you need … Read more


Rapid Weight Loss Jump Rope Workout Program Get JRD90 About The Program Join the thousands of JRD Athletes melting unwanted pounds, sculpting lean muscle, and uncovering their dream bodies… all without gym memberships and no home exercise equipment. 90 Days 5 Days a Week 30 Minutes a Day With JRD90 you can expect to have … Read more


Total Body Jump Rope Workout Program Get JRD Max About The Program JRD Max is a foundational, full body jump rope workout program, designed to be progressively challenging. It’ll keep your body guessing and bring you the results you want faster. Welcome to “simple fitness.” One rope. Zero tricks. Just sweat! 90 Days 5 Days … Read more

Jump Rope + Dumbbell

Lose a TON of weight and build lean muscle in just 30 minutes a day Get JRD Jump Rope + Dumbbell About The Program The JRD Jump Rope + Dumbbell Workout Program is for anyone who wants to decrease body fat, create new, lean muscle mass, and sculpt an absolutely brand new body. This is … Read more

7-Day Challenge

7 days that could change your life! START THE CHALLENGE! About The Program The Free 7-Day Beginner Challenge is specially crafted for those who are new to jumping rope and seeking a fun, straightforward approach to their weight loss journey. Free! No CC Required! 30 Minutes a Day 7 Days A fun and engaging way … Read more