The Lean+Clean Weight Loss Bundle



Introducing the Lean+Clean Weight Loss Bundle – your key to unlocking a transformational fitness journey!

What’s included:

  1. Shredded Ninja Fat Loss Jump Rope Workout Program

  2. Nutrition System 2.0

Two potent solutions to accelerate fat loss, build lean muscle, and achieve optimal nutrition.

Invest in yourself today with this limited-time opportunity and take the first step towards the lean body you’ve always desired.

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Lean+Clean Bundle


Transform Your Body and Torch Fat with This Dynamic Fitness and Nutrition Combo!

Combining the high-intensity, fat loss-focused jump rope workout program Shredded Ninja with a solid nutrition strategy like Nutrition System 2.0 will result in significant benefits for weight loss, body improvement, and overall health.

Accelerated Fat Burn​

The Shredded Ninja jump rope workout program is designed to maximize calorie burn and elevate your heart rate, promoting rapid fat loss. When paired with a balanced nutrition plan from Nutrition System 2.0, your body has the energy and nutrients it needs to support this intense workout, leading to effective fat burning.

Lean Muscle Development​

The high-intensity jump rope workouts found in Shredded Ninja help you build lean muscle mass. Proper nutrition ensures you're providing your body with the necessary protein and nutrients to support muscle growth and repair, leading to a more toned and defined physique... faster.

Optimal Energy Levels

Good nutrition, as provided by Nutrition System 2.0, supplies your body with the right blend of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. This balance fuels your workouts and daily activities, helping you maintain consistent energy levels and performance during your workouts.

Improved Metabolism

The combination of a high-intensity workout and a well-structured nutrition plan can boost your metabolism. Regular exercise increases your resting metabolic rate, while proper nutrition ensures that your body efficiently utilizes calories, contributing to sustainable weight loss.

Appetite Regulation

An optimal nutrition strategy like Nutrition System 2.0 can help regulate your appetite and reduce cravings for unhealthy, high-calorie foods. This, combined with the appetite-suppressing effects of regular exercise, can make it easier to adhere to and achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

Enhanced Overall Health

Proper nutrition supports not only weight loss but also overall health. It can help regulate blood sugar levels, improve cardiovascular health, boost immunity, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Combining it with the cardiovascular benefits of jump rope workouts amplifies these health advantages.


Get Shredded Ninja & Nutriton System Today!

The Lean+Clean Bundle is available only for a limited time. Use the code LEANCLEAN25 at checkout to save 25%!

30-day money back guarantee!



Just a few of the thousands of JRD Community Members who have experienced complete physical transformations using our jump rope weight loss workouts.

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    The JRD App serves as your all-in-one fitness hub, providing seamless access to both the Shredded Ninja Jump Rope Workout Program and the Nutrition System 2.0.

  • Cross-Platform Accessibility

    Enjoy flexibility with easy online access via the JRD App, available on both Apple and Android devices. This means you can stay on track with your fitness and nutrition goals no matter where you are.

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    Join the ranks of the most supportive and motivating jump rope fitness community in the world. Connect with like-minded individuals who share your goals and mindset for a healthier lifestyle.

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    Experience the power of community support. Lend your support to others on similar journeys, exchange tips, and stay motivated as you pursue your fitness goals together.


Get Shredded Ninja & Nutriton System Today!

The Lean+Clean Bundle is available only for a limited time. Use the code LEANCLEAN25 at checkout to save 25%!

30-day money back guarantee!

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