GDPR Consent

Who is managing your data?

The Jump Rope Dudes Team and no one else. At anytime if a third party is brought in we will inform you.

What do I intend to do with your data?

Use it to send you emails:

  • With free videos on (workouts, tutorials and guides)

  • Special deals on things you tell us you want

  • Surveys so you can tell us what you want or how we can further improve JRD Nation

How will I protect your data?

Your data is protected in our email service software (Active Campaign). This is password protected and NOT displayed anywhere publicly.

Why do I need your data?

We are on a mission to disrupt the fitness industry, so normal people like us can see that getting weight loss results doesn’t have to suck.

Shredding fat should be simple, fun and functional.

We will show you how through the free videos we will be sending you each week (workouts, tutorials and guides.)

We will also be supporting you by sending you special deals on things you tell us you want (programs, jump ropes and more.)

Finally, we will also be sending you exclusive opportunities to work with us on a deeper level through in-person meet ups and future projects we do to improve what we can do for you.

And to do that, we need your information in order for us to send it to you.

How long will I store your data?

For as long as you let me. Or for as long as we send you content, promotions, updates on products.

How do you opt-out if you no longer want to be on our email list?

At anytime you can opt-out by going to the bottom of our emails and click the “Unsubscribe” link.

What are your rights to your data?

At anytime if you want to take all your data away, you can unsubscribe to any of the emails at any time located at the bottom of every email we send.