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INDIVIDUAL Workout Programs

Access the best jump rope workout programs out there. Turn the world into your gym when you have one of these and a jump rope.

The Free 7-Day Beginner Jump Rope Challenge is specially crafted for those who are new to jumping rope and seeking a fun, straightforward approach to their weight loss journey.
This program combines the power of dumbbell exercises to build lean muscle with the fat-melting intensity of jump rope training, for a total-body transformation unlike any other workout program.
The JRD Max Total Body Jump Rope Workout Program is “simple fitness.” One rope. No tricks. Just pure sweat! Get ready to push your boundaries with this 90-day follow-along workout program.
JRD Nutrition System 2.0 is a comprehensive, simple meal system that accelerates weight loss or muscle gain. No more restrictive diets. Achieve remarkable results while enjoying delicious meals.

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The JRD App is your passport to weight loss, muscle tone, and an athletic physique. Grab your rope, hit the mat, and unleash your inner JRD Athlete with a Jump Rope Dudes app trial membership. No matter your age, fitness level, or location, our app is loaded with effective workouts you’ll actually enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

All of the JRD workout programs, the Nutrition System, 4-week workout plans, and other training content are available exclusively in the JRD app, the official jump rope workout streaming app of Jump Rope Dudes.

Programs and plans can be purchased individually or as part of a JRD app membership.

The app membership and all individual workouts are available online at jumpropedudes.tv, or in the Apple and Google Play stores.

Memberships are available on a monthly and annual basis. Both include a 14-day free trial and you can cancel any time.

All JRD workout programs and 4-week workout plans are accessible inside the JRD app. Simply sign into your account at jumpropedudes.tv or download the iOS or Android apps in their respective app stores.

Our workouts will work for anybody who is willing to put the effort in. It’s that simple.

We’ve had clients of all shapes and sizes give their all to our programs, and get it all back in terms of both their mental and physical transformation.

When you’re ready to start burning fat, losing weight, and getting lean, our workouts are powerful enough to make it happen.

A weighted jump rope is ideal for exercise. Weighted ropes create more resistance resulting in greater muscle engagement and a higher caloric burn during your workouts compared to light ropes. Check out the “Jump Ropes” section of our website for more details.

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The JRD app makes jump rope fitness workouts accessible and enjoyable for everyone regardless of age, fitness level, or location. Achieve your fitness goals on your own terms.


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