What Jump Rope Should I Buy?

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So you want to start jumping rope? Beautiful. We want to help.

Before you get started there are a couple things you’ve got to figure out.

One, what jump rope should you get, and two, what size rope should you get.


This post is all about how to pick your rope depending on what specific goals you have. It has all of the info you need on understanding the various jump rope specs and give you the knowledge you need before making your rope purchase.


Let’s start at the very beginning. Right at the beginning of your rope to the very end: your rope length. The rope handle should come up to just about under your armpit, right up to the nipple area. The cable should reach to the top of the chest, excluding the handles. Another good rule of thumb is that the rope should be three feet taller than you are, so if you are 6’3” then your rope should be about 9’3”.

What we like about Crossrope, is that you can buy different lengths of cables to swap around with different handles. These different handles can give you different levels of jump rope intensity, which you’ll be interested in doing as you progress. So generally, when you buy your first jump rope it is a good idea to look for that type of feature. Or you can just go ahead and grab up the Crossrope for a 10% discount when you click here.

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Ask yourself: what types of surfaces are you going to be doing your workouts on the most? Is it going to be a cement sidewalk, a gym floor, or a rubber floor inside of the gym? Here at Zen Dude Fitness we are always talking about making your workout an adventure, so if you want to jump rope outside like us you will want to grab a pretty durable rope.

For example, the Crossrope has a steel cable that is wrapped in vinyl. Those steel cables are able to take a good beating on outdoor pavement without you having to worry about them breaking or snapping.

Ropes which are created with plastic sleeve beads around a piece of string, are not only not that great to jump with, they won’t last when you are jumping on a hard rough surface out of doors like concrete or brick.

Leather ropes are popular in boxing gyms but they are not ropes that we recommend. However vintage cool they might look, leather ropes are actually not that great to jump with and not durable outside of a gym.

What is your goal?

It is very important to ask yourself what your goal is with starting to add jumping rope to your workouts. Are you strictly trying to burn fat or are you trying to do cool tricks? What exactly is it that you are trying to accomplish?

The Crossrope ¼ lb, ½ lb, 1 lb and 2 lb ropes combined with the rugged handles are all great for burning lots of fat in the least amount of time.

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On the flip side if you are more interested in doing tricks and looking like a jump rope ninja than we would recommend grabbing the quick handles with nothing heavier than the ¼ lb rope.

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If you want to get super ninja with your moves you can grab a speed rope, which is the crossrope bolt set.

 Crossrope Bolt Set 2 36394.1489674214.600.600 Crossrope Bolt Set 2 36394.1489674214.600.600

To recap, for tricks or CrossFit training: an adjustable steel cable rope like the crossrope bolt set is perfect. For fat loss and some basic tricks a rope like the Crossrope ¼ lb or heavier will be perfect for you.

To help you get started here is a product review of the CROSSROPE agility rope (¼ lb rope) from Crossrope:

1.Durable on any surface

Ropes get smashed against the pavement, hopefully, thousands of times a day. The first thing we look for in a rope is that it has to be durable, and this one certainly is that. It has a steel cable wrapped in vinyl which will last at least a year (when used indoors) and definitely much longer than a beaded, vinyl, or leather rope.

Secondly, we want a rope that we can jump with on any surface. The goal here is to take your workout with you on the road, sometimes literally on an actual road, and you need a rope that can handle any surface. We know you love to make your workouts an adventure as much as the Zen Dudes do, so you need a rope that is going to be durable both inside and out.

The Crossrope cables are made for heavy and intense gym and outdoor workout. Even if you are in some city on the other side of the planet getting your workout on some insane pavement you can still jump and not worry about your rope being torn to shreds.

2. Cool Ball Bearing System

Here is the problem with most of the jump ropes out there; they cause a ton of friction when the cable or rope spins around, because they’re usually just vinyl, leather, or sometimes cable sliding into the handle. This causes friction which can really mess you up when you’re trying to learn tricks, get your speed up, or when you are trying to get into your rhythm.

The Crossrope’s ball bearing system completely eliminates that problem. The rope has steel ball bearing handles that allow the rope to spin at a very high speed which in turn allows you to get a great workout and to improve your agility much faster than with a regular rope.

3. It’s Weighted

Each of the handles on the Crossrope weighs about 10 ounces. That is about two thirds of a pound. This weight gives you a great upper body workout. It works your forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, core and even a bit of your chest.

When you are spinning the rope at a very high speed the combination of rope’s ball bearings (which we talked about above) and weighted handles forces you to have to grip the handles really tight in order to control the rope. This gives you an added grip workout. The rope itself weighs a quarter of a pound which adds to the amount of calories you’re burning.

4.Great for beginners and advanced jumpers

This rope is great for beginners because of the low friction system, but it’s also ready to let you get into high speeds. As you become more advanced and want to do some tricks, this rope will be ready with you.

To recap:



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