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Hey fam!
Our name is changing from Zen Dude Fitness to the Jump Rope Dudes.

Let us explain…

Almost 3 years ago we were pacing around Dan’s apartment in Austin, Texas throwing around the idea for a fitness company we could start together.

The goal was to help as many people as possible get lean and live more with jump rope fitness.

Since that time our mission hasn’t changed and it won’t change when our name does.

So why change the name??

More Impact.

Over the past few years of working closely with our community we have learned that although we love zen philosophy – many people have a hard time grasping how it connects with jump rope fitness.

Instead of making tons of content to teach people how zen and jump rope are connected we decided to just change our name to the Jump Rope Dudes and then continue to put out the same content, which in turn will allow people to discover the connection for themselves.

By creating this more easily understood and congruent brand we hope to impact many more lives by getting them jumping rope and having fun.

What Changes?

Our name. That’s about it.

We are still going to be the same Zen Dudes living the same Zen Dude Philosophy.

The only difference now is that we will be referring to ourselves as the “Jump Rope Dudes” and will be referring to you as a “Jump Rope Dude or Dudette.”

When will the name change happen?

Over the next month we will be transitioning the name of the brand on youtube, our site and everywhere else we hang out on the internet.

Our goal is to have this transition completed by January, 1 2018.

Want to get more involved with the movement?


This movement will grow like wildfire if you share our videos and content with the people you care about most.

Show off your jump rope skills on instagram by shooting freestyle videos and tagging us.

Share your own personal transformation on social media and tag us, so people know where to get the resources they need to make transformations of their own.

Turn on post notifications on youtube, so you see our videos the minute they go live.

Share our videos via email, facebook or anyway you desire when you feel they are worthy.

More people in this movement will result in more collective power for all of us.

If we can get millions of people involved we can start to put on bigger free events and grow community all over the world. If this is something you want as much as we do – please share whenever you can!

We appreciate your continued support fam. You mean the world to us!

Lots of love,

The Jump Rope Dudes (Dan and Brandon)



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