The Benefits Of Jump Rope Training

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What up everyone?!

There are so many different exercise routines, bootcamps, and weight loss gimmicks that say they can get you the body you want. But they all come with their own sets of flaws.

Boot camp and yoga classes can be great, but what if you can’t pay? You can’t go. Or what happens when you’re on vacation, your car’s in the shop, or you can’t make it at the exact time the class begins? You can’t go.

What about gym memberships? Again, if you can’t pay, you can’t go. You can’t take your gym with you on adventures and vacations either. Who even really wants to go to the gym? I mean, why else are there so many articles out there with headlines like, “How to Motivate Yourself to Go to the Gym?”

And don’t even get me started with in-house equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, or 10-in-1 total gym machines. They’re expensive, they take up a ton of room in your home, and like everyone else who has them, you’ll stop using them because you’ll get bored of them quickly.

Here at Zen Dude Fitness, we want to use the best method of working out that is going to provide the greatest, most reliable results, in the least amount of time.

That’s why we’re super passionate about jumping rope – because it’s a fun way to develop and maintain a lean and muscular physique.


It also allows us to travel around the world and live the life we want while maintaining the physical results we want. But that’s not all. Here are nine reasons you’ll want to make this your primary method of exercise:

1. Efficiency

Jumping rope can get you ripped (help you lose body fat) faster than most other workouts. Unlike jogging, you don’t need to spend hours of your time to get a great workout.

With only 30 minutes of exercise, you can burn up to 700 calories by applying the high-intensity workouts taught in our videos.

Grab your rope, get your workout in, and move on with your day.

2. Portable

Your jump rope is incredibly easy to move and carry around. You can throw it in your backpack, purse, baller bag, or whatever you’ve got.

This is amazing because you get to choose where you want to workout.

Want to get a quick workout in? Go outside and jump rope on the sidewalk.

Want to work out by the beach? No problem. Throw your rope in your bag and head out.

Is the weather keeping you inside? Not an issue. You can go to the garage and get your workout in.

You can jump rope practically anywhere. All you need is a flat surface and your rope and you’re good to go.

3. Total Body Workout

Most workouts only focus on one area of your body. Pull-ups hone in on your arms and back. Running primarily works out your legs. And weightlifting targets highly specific muscle groups.

And although it might not look like it, jumping rope provides a total body workout. Especially when you mix it up with different exercises.

You’ll be forced to tone your legs, tighten your abs, and strengthen your arms when you use ropes with weighted handles.

Since you have to use everything from your shoulders to your calves, you end up with a ripped body that looks good from any angle.

 DSC 0096 DSC 0096

This is the best way to cut fat and stay lean throughout your entire body. Don’t underestimate the power of the rope.

4. Low Risk of Injury

By now you’re probably thinking, “So, if this exercise is really efficient and works out my entire body, it’s gotta be dangerous though, right?”

Wrong! Contrary to many of the sports and workout regimens out there, jumping rope is extremely safe.

This is great news for those who want to build a stronger body with less risk of major injuries and setbacks.

Staying healthy ensures that you can continue to get your workouts in on a consistent basis without having to worry about nagging injuries holding you back.5. Fun

Why do people let their treadmills and ellipticals gather dust year after year? Because they aren’t fun!

If you don’t enjoy doing something, it’s going to be incredibly hard to keep it up. And why would you want to if you’re not enjoying it?

One of our main philosophies at Zen Dude Fitness is:

If it’s not fun, it’s not sustainable.

That’s why we love jumping rope so much. Every day, we can choose from dozens of different exercises that we enjoy, and do them in the places we love.

Now, instead of forcing ourselves to work out, we can’t wait to do it!

6. Easy to Get Started

Think about cycling, where you have to buy a bike with all its different components, a helmet, bike shoes, and biking attire.

Then think about what it takes to start jumping rope. All you need are some sneakers, a jump rope, and a flat surface. And I bet you already have sneakers and a flat surface.

That means, if you want to start jumping rope, all you need to do is buy the rope!

Boom! That’s it. Once you have it, you’re good to go!

Save yourself some moolah and get started with a snap of your fingers.

7. Improve Agility

Do you want quicker feet? Do you want to move fast and be agile?

Jumping rope will help you with that. All the different exercises force you to make quick movements that develop you body agility, speed, and alertness.

Whether you’re training for a sport or just want to improve your footwork, jumping rope is a great way to help get you there.

8. Improve Vertical Leap

Who doesn’t want to be able to dunk on a basketball rim? Or even better, who doesn’t want to be able to do this?

 vince carter vince carter


If you want to improve your vertical and jump like a beast, invest in a jump rope and get started pronto.

Jumping rope gives your calves and quads a great workout and will take your vertical leap to the next level.

9. Improve Endurance

 IMG 9578 IMG 9578

Being fit for working out is great, but it’s not the only reason to get in shape.

Life takes endurance. It doesn’t matter if you’re at work or working out, you’re going to need sustained energy to be a high performer.

Jumping rope on a consistent basis helps tremendously with your endurance and stamina. The high-intensity intervals that use all of your body’s muscles will take your fitness to the next level.

Whenever life calls and you need to go the extra mile, be ready so you can take advantage of every opportunity.

Alright Zen Dude Nation. Now you know the amazing benefits that jumping rope can provide for you.

Just remember – you can have the body you want and enjoy every minute you spend getting there. Just use the exercises we teach you and you’ll get there before you know it.

Before you go, here’s a recap of the benefits of jumping rope:

  1. It’s an efficient workout.

  2. It’s portable.

  3. You get a total body workout.

  4. There a low risk of injury.

  5. It’s fun!

  6. It’s easy to get started.

  7. You’ll improve your agility.

  8. You’ll improve your vertical leap.

  9. You’ll improve your endurance.

Now you can enjoy the process, as well as the results, of having a lean, muscular body.

Have fun my Zen Dudes and Dudettes!



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