The ONLY 10 Things That Matter for Weight Loss

The ONLY 10 things that matter for weight loss

I detail only 10 things that actually matter for weight loss to help you stay motivated and focused on results. These are the fundamentals of how I sustain the lifestyle of a fit jump rope dude.

How to Fix Skinny Fat

how to fix skinny fat

Today, we bust the MYTH that skinny fat is a body type! This refers to someone who appears healthy but isn’t physically fit, carrying excess fat despite their normal weight.

7 Ways to Avoid Shin Splints Forever

prevent shin splints

Preventing shin splints from happening is the easiest and least painful way to treat them. Tips on avoid shin splints forever, and how to treat them if they do sneak up on ya!

7 Jump Rope Tricks Anyone Can Do

7 Jump Rope Tricks Anyone Can Do

Some of the benefits of incorporating jump rope tricks into your workout: it adds variety and challenges your muscles, agility, and balance.. Plus, they’re fun and look cool!