Look Like A Boxer With This Floyd Mayweather Workout

Do you want to get a toned shredded body like the boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather? Then this is the article for you. We will be breaking down the training and diet regimen of boxing champ Floyd Mayweather. One of the all-time highest paid athletes on the planet and already a boxing legend. Love him or … Read more

How to Get a Body Like a Boxer

Have you ever seen a boxing movie? How about a boxing match? You have?!? Nice. We’re assuming you’ve noticed something about the leader roles in those movies or the fighters in the ring…Boxers have an amazing physique! These dudes and dudettes are ripped. We’re talking about: Stallone in Rocky Jake Gyllenhaal in Southpaw Michael B. … Read more

Jump Rope Boxing Workout

We got a lot of feedback a while ago on a video for how to jump rope like a boxer. Makes sense: who doesn’t want to jump rope like a boxer? Boxers are super ripped and athletic. Not to mention to box you need to have insane stamina! A lot of that stamina and conditioning … Read more