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We get a lot of questions from people in the community wondering exactly what our Shredded Ninja Workout Program is. While most of you know that it’s a program designed to help you lose weight, you may have some questions about its structure and what you’re actually paying for. Today, we’re going to explain how we designed this workout plan, who it’s a good fit for and what you get when you sign up.

What Is the Shredded Ninja Fat Loss Workout Plan

This workout plan is a 12-week program combining jump rope and bodyweight exercises and focuses on helping you lose body fat. You may be wondering where we came up with this plan and why it’s structured the way it is. Basically, we started by looking at the Jump Rope Dudes community members that were going through the the best transformations. We saw people lose more than a hundred pounds and other people who lost those final 10 pounds to get super shredded.

After seeing what was working for some of our most successful community members, we created a workout program that aimed to replicate the results we saw these individuals getting. We really wanted to make this program comprehensive and suitable for almost anybody. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, you can work through this program a number of times as you work toward your body goals.

At its core, this program is about fun and efficiency. We understand that you don’t want to spend all of your time in the gym or working out. All of the workouts in this program are about 30 minutes long and ensure you have an efficient workout where you’re burning a ton of calories in a very short period of time. Doing this helps you focus on your number one priority of losing fat while also toning your muscles.

We know that a lot of workouts and fitness programs aren’t sustainable because they are too boring or mundane. That’s why we really worked hard to make this program fun and set it up in a way that will keep you motivated throughout the 12 weeks. This workout is not supposed to be something that you HAVE to do everyday, but something that you actually look forward to doing every day.

What Do You Get?

With the Shredded Ninja Workout Plan, you get 5 workouts per week and one additional recovery day to prevent injury. Every single workout can be done without a gym so you can get after it anywhere you want. You also get access to our Jump Rope Dudes online portal, which includes more than 100 exercise demos, jump rope tutorials and injury prevention tutorials to keep you healthy. You’ll become a part of our exclusive Facebook group that will help you stay accountable throughout the workout program. Every member of this Facebook group has the same, shared goal of losing weight so you can get advice and support from people just like you.

Who Is This Workout Plan For?

We want you to know that this program, like all of our programs, is designed for both men and women. If you want to lose body fat and tone your muscles, then this program is for you.

All ages are welcome – it doesn’t matter how old you are. Jump rope is a really low impact sport as long as you are doing it right and jumping 1-2 inches off the ground. We have people who are 80 years old in our community and people who are a lot younger than that too. It really is an exercise for just about anyone.

This program is designed to be challenging for everyone from beginners to advanced jump ropers. Every exercise can be modified to fit your skill level and also to adjust for any past injuries. This workout program is also designed to be simple and fun yet challenging. The great thing about jumping rope is that you can take it anywhere so it’s also great for people who travel for business or pleasure a lot. Make your jump rope workouts an adventure and take your workouts someplace new.

What Results Can You Expect?

With this program, people experience different results depending on how long they commit for. Some people lose a ton of weight for months and years, while others lose those last stubborn 10 pounds in just a matter of weeks. It really all depends on what your goals are and where you are when you start. At the end of the day, your results are going to be based off two things: consistency and nutrition. To get the results you want, you need to follow the program consistently, do your workouts 5 days and week and also incorporate that active rest day. When it comes to nutrition, you need to eat in a calorie deficit, but still make sure to get the right amount of macronutrients to maintain your lean muscle mass.

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in this program that we offer a full money back guarantee. We believe that if you do what you are supposed to do, it will work and you will get the body you want. However, if you don’t feel like it’s worked, we offer a 100% money back guarantee no questions asked. What do you have to lose?

Do The Thing

We make it our goal to make working out and getting the body you want a fun process. That’s why we make fun workout programs like this one to help you reach your fitness goals. With the added support of our online community made of people doing the same thing you are, it’s a great way to get your body moving in ways you enjoy and make new friends. If you’re not quite ready to commit to this program, check out our free 4-week jump rope challenge where you can start jumping rope and slowly build it into your daily routine. Get out there and do the thing!



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