A Complete Guide to Jump Rope Pyramid Training

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What’s up ladies and gentleman? Today we’re gonna be doing a pyramid workout, meaning we’re gonna be completing sets of longer endurance types of intervals with the jump rope. With the focus mostly on endurance, you can add this workout to most of your training sessions and a proper nutrition regimen to get the body you want. After trying out this pyramid style workout make sure you grab our free 4-week challenge so you can start incorporating jump rope training into your workout routine on a more consistent basis.

Get the Right Gear:

Before we get started, make sure you have the right gear so you can focus on building your athletic, defined body. We use the awesome Crossrope for every exercise, it’s the highest quality rope we’ve found on the market. You can grab one at www.Crossrope.com/JRD and don’t forget to use our code DOTHETHING for a sweet discount! Let’s go!

 Dothething Dothething

Pyramid Workout

With a pyramid workout you want to adjust the intensity depending on how long the interval is. Today we’ll start with a longer interval at lower intensity and gradually shorten the interval and increase intensity with each circuit. Between each circuit, make sure to rest for 30 seconds.

3 Minute Freestyle at 60-70%

Start with 3 minutes of freestyle jump rope where you’re going to be going at 60-70 of your all-out effort. The goal here is to minimize movement and limit impact on your ankles, knees and hips.

  • Stick to low impact exercises like jump rope regular bounce, run in place and fast skip.

  • Only come 2-3cm off the ground and focus on keeping your jumps low impact.

  • Choose a very soft and bouncy surface to jump on for extra cushioning if it’s available to you. Otherwise, do the thing where ever you can.

2 Minute Jump Rope Freestyle (70-80%)

We are off to the races on the second round of this circuit with just two minutes for this interval. Maintain minimal movement and focus on supporting your joints.

  • Dig in and get after it.

  • Pump it during the last 15 to 30 seconds to make your body work harder and get the results you want.

  • Get in your zone, use your breath to stay present and keep the intensity going, even when it starts to burn.

1 Minute Jump Rope Freestyle (80-90%)

The interval here is just one minute so you want to take intensity up a notch since this is a pyramid workout.

  • Work in more tricks to your regular bounce

  • Take speed up a level if you’re sticking to just regular bounce.

30 Second Jump Rope Freestyle (90-100%)

The last set of this circuit is where the sweat storm should really start. Get nice and shiny and break a sweat.

  • You don’t have to do tricks, but you can have fun with it and get outside your comfort zone.

  • Don’t worry about messing up, that’s part of the territory when you push yourself.

  • Finish strong, turn up the intensity, and really burn out the last 30 seconds.

 jumpropeworkout jumpropeworkout

Push Yourself and Do the Thing

Jump some rope, get lean, and have fun doing it. Sign up on our website to get weekly emails on what’s happening and join our community where we help you stay accountable. Move your body in ways that are fun, push yourself and you’ll get the body you want.

Workout Recap:

  • Complete Circuit 3-4X

  • 30 sec rest between exercises, rest 1 min between circuits.

  • Exercises:

    • 3 min freestyle (60-70)

    • 2 min freestyle (70-80)

    • 1 min freestyle (80-90)

    • 30 sec freestyle (90-100)

Nutrition Recap:

  • Use our Calorie Calculator to find out your calorie intake

  • Enter your age, weight, height and activity level

  • Calculate your macros to see your recommended intake of carbohydrates, protein and fats.

  • Focus on eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and lean protein to get that lean physique

If you need some more step by step guidance on figuring this nutrition stuff out we have our ZDF Nutrition System that you can GRAB HERE.



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