The Simple Answer to Why I Can’t Lose Weight

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We make some pretty bold claims here at the Jump Rope Dudes when it comes to what’s possible with jumping rope.

Lose weight. Burn fat. Get lean. Have fun. Look cool. :)

But what if it’s not working for you? Why aren’t you losing weight?

You #dothething, but don’t get the results.

What’s the deal?

Great question. Let’s dig into it.

SIDENOTE: Yes, you can actually DM us on Instagram and get a response. :)

Here are a few key questions we ask to help you figure out what’s going on:

Q: How often are you jumping rope?
A: Every day, bro!

Q: Are you being intense? Like giving it 110%?
A: Yes! Like 150% intense!

Q: How long are you jumping rope for?
A: About 30 minutes.

WARNING: You might do well on the first couple questions, but these next few will get you every time.

Q: What does your nutrition look like?
A: I eat a lot of whole foods.

Q: What kind of food specifically?
A: Mostly healthy stuff. Salad, chicken, peanut butter, protein bars, smoothies, organic pizza.

Q: How much are you eating?
A: I don’t know. I really don’t eat that much.

Q: Have you ever used our nutrition calculator?
A: Yeah… I know my calories and macros. :P

Q: Do you know exactly how much food you’re eating every day?
A: Well sometimes.. I don’t track EVERYTHING. Who does that?!


WARNING: We’re like Santa Claus. We know when you’re lying. :)

Why you are still fat

You’re not losing weight because you’re eating TOO MUCH FOOD!

You can jump rope for longer, you can jump more often, you can jump with greater intensity, but if you’re eating too much food each day, you’ll never catch up.

The reason most people don’t lose weight is simply because they eat too much.

It’s not because they don’t eat healthy. It’s because they are eating more calories than they are spending on a daily basis. This creates a calorie surplus which adds to weight gain.

For more on what and how to eat, check this out.

What’s next?

If you’re reading this and your nutrition is dialed in tight, you’re lack of results may be one of the other variables we covered above.

  • Frequency – How often are you jumping?

  • Volume – How long are you jumping for?

  • Intensity – How intense are your jump rope sessions?

If you’re missing the mark on one of these, try improving your performance on the metrics for a week or so (in addition to keeping your nutrition under control), and see what happens.

For those of you just getting started, checkout our Beginner Playlist here for some content to get you on the right track when it comes to jumping rope.

And if you’re looking for more details on the nutrition side of things, dive into our videos here for how to eat to lose weight.




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