National Skipping Day: How to Jump Rope for Kids

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Did you know that April 24th is National Skipping Day in the USA? It’s a day aimed at raising physical health awareness and teaching kids to be active through jumping rope!

So, if you’re a teacher, have kids, or maybe you’re just a big kid at heart–we want to encourage you and your kids to practice your skills and Do The Thing this National Skipping Day! Let’s go!

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Benefits of Jumping Rope for Kids

Skipping rope has been enjoyed by children and practiced in American schools since our grandparents’ generation. It’s not only an excellent way for kids to burn off their crazy amounts of energy, but it offers many strength-building, balancing, and health benefits, too.

Here are the top 5 reasons to teach your kids to jump rope.

1. Improves Heart and Lung Health

Jumping rope is amazing for cardiovascular training because it increases the blood flow capacity and oxygenation levels in the blood while strengthening the heart muscles. 

Regular aerobic exercise, such as jumping rope, greatly reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other chronic health conditions. Teaching physical fitness to your kids, and participating with them, models healthy habits they can take into adulthood.

2. Builds Strength and Coordination

Kids develop better coordination, agility, and motor skills through activities that challenge their vestibular sense (balance). Jumping rope builds strength and coordination, particularly in the legs and core. This improves their balance and posture and can translate to benefits in other high-activity sports your child plays.

3. Boosts Brain Function

Physical exercise positively impacts brain function, including memory, cognitive ability, and mood. According to a recent pediatric study, children who engage in regular physical activity, such as jumping rope, have better academic performance and overall cognitive function.

4. Encourages Socializing 

Jumping rope is a fun way for kids to break the ice and be social in a healthy environment. It helps children develop social skills that encourages sharing and teamwork. Together, kids create jump rope games, double dutch, challenge each other who can jump the longest and the fastest, or just have fun!

5. Teaches Consistency and Habits

What’s the number 1 indicator that your child will be healthy and active? You guessed it; healthy kids come from healthy parents. There is no greater lesson to model for your kids than consistent healthy habits for your own diet and fitness routine. 

How Do I Get My Child Started Jumping Rope?

Now that you know the benefits of skipping rope, how can you ensure your little ones are pumped to do the thing

Kids can get frustrated, and there’s a learning curve with jumping rope, so it’s important to start small and encourage them to be silly and have fun! 

Here are some tips to get you started:

Start with a Good Rope

We’re not suggesting you buy the same quality rope you use for yourself. However, a flimsy yarn rope is unlikely to give good feedback or rotation and can cause frustration. 

The first step is to choose a decent rope that is the right size for your child. It should be long enough for them to step in the middle and pull the handles up to their armpits. 

Synthetic cord ropes are the lightest for beginners and small children. Plastic bead ropes are the most durable, and their weight makes them ideal for jump rope technique. However, the extra weight also means they’re harder to swing, so they’re only for bigger kids.

Teach the Basics

Once you have the right rope, start by teaching your child the basic skipping techniques and form. Begin with the Basic Bounce and progress to more advanced techniques such as jumping on one leg, alternating feet, or a criss-cross!

Check out this slow-motion jump rope tricks tutorial below. Dan demos everything from the Basic Bounce to a Double Under Criss Cross!

Make it Fun

Take your time with these techniques and pursue them based on your child’s level of interest. Lead by example, try new moves yourself, and incorporate music or challenges. Make a game out of it, or come up with a routine with your family and friends.

Safety First

Finally, teach your child jump rope safety and injury prevention!

Like adults, kids should jump on a softer surface, such as a spongy playground floor or a gym mat, and wear sturdy exercise shoes. Supervise your children while jumping rope to ensure they are doing it safely, plus this facilitates the bonding and socializing you want your child to experience with fitness.

Jumping rope is for anyone, any age, who wants a healthy heart, lungs, and body! 

If you’re on your jump rope journey, this is your sign to get your kids involved, too. It’s an excellent way to encourage physical activity, build coordination and strength, and promote healthy social interaction.

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