My Weight Loss Transformation: How It Feels To Lose 70 Lbs Jumping Rope

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How’s it going, JRD Nation?! I’ve said it a thousand times–I believe that jumping rope is the most effective and fun workout tool for losing weight and transforming your life. Of course, I am biased when I say this, but I am speaking from personal experience!

Today I, Jump Rope Dude Dan, am going to revisit my 70 lb weight loss transformation that not only changed my life forever but is how JRD began! 

First, I’ll share some of my history and how I got to my heaviest at 260 Lbs, how it felt to lose the weight, and how it feels for me now living in a smaller body.

Then vs. Now

I have always been a big guy and an athlete. As a teen, I played American football in high school and college, and my then goal was to make my body as big, strong, and heavy as I could. I ate as much food as possible, rarely was it quality, and lifted weights. My goal was always trying to gain as much muscle and get as big as I conceivably could. 

The result of this was that I felt slow and sluggish a lot. I didn’t feel good about my body or appearance at all during these years.

After college, like millions of others, I got a corporate job and adopted a pretty sedentary lifestyle full of after-work happy hours, beer, and greasy food. I didn’t have any motivation to workout. The last thing I wanted to do was get up at 5 am and go to the gym. 

Like many others in the corporate world, it felt impossible to stick to a fitness and wellness plan. Rarely did I have the energy for exercise or the time to make healthy meals. And finding the motivation to workout intensely despite long hours and stressful days in an office was a constant struggle.

An athlete at my core, I kept active and tried different workout programs and running. Still, I never stayed consistent with anything, and exercise always felt like punishment.

My Weight Loss Transformation Story

When I started jumping rope, something just clicked. It was “the thing” that, for me, I was always pumped up and excited to do! It was fun to put on my music and drop into a flow state where I could groove, sweat, and let all my stress, worries, and problems melt away! 

My corporate job had me traveling a lot at the time, and I began bringing my jump rope with me everywhere. That’s the beauty of the rope–it’s so portable that the world is your gym. 

I could pack up my rope and mat and squeeze in a workout anywhere. This allowed me to start burning a ton of calories and losing weight, and thus began my incredible 70 Lb weight loss. 

Physical Benefits of Losing 70 Lbs

Losing a substantial amount of weight will affect you both physically and mentally, and I want to talk about each.

I like to emphasize this point when I talk about weight loss transformations: the weight isn’t everything, nor is the difference in the before and after picture. We use this as a way to share a visual element to someone’s story. Sure, having cut abs feels pretty awesome. Physically, it felt great to lose that weight and good about how I looked and have confidence when I spoke to people.

However, more importantly than that were the benefits jumping rope had on the inside. I’m in the best shape of my life now at 34 than I’ve ever been in my life. I am way more flexible, can run faster, and jump higher. I surf and skate regularly for fun and have gained a whole active lifestyle that wasn’t possible before.

My joints are grateful to take less impact when I exercise, and I don’t feel limited by my size or weight in the ways I did as a bigger guy. 

Statistically, I’ll live longer and have a better quality of life, and that, for me, is #1! By enhancing my athletic capabilities, I feel sure of my body’s ability to do anything. I don’t fear getting injured as easily as I did when I was carrying around extra weight. 

You deserve to feel good in and enjoy your body and what it can do for you now while you’ve got the chance. Nothing is promised; you’ve got to decide to live the best version of your life TODAY.

Mental Benefits of Losing 70 Lbs

Mentally, I feel lighter and more calm. Obviously, I don’t mean lighter physically in this context. 

I felt awkward in my body when I had excess weight, and I didn’t feel good about myself. Now, I feel lighter because I don’t have to worry about my health and weight like I did before. I also don’t feel insecure or uncomfortable about my body, which helps me mentally feel confident in everything I go through. 

Thanks to my jump rope therapy, I take all my stress and problems and focus that energy and intensity into my workouts! Afterward, I feel lighter. I feel a tremendous change in my mental health and experience less anxiety and depression because of my fitness routine. 

Not only does exercise give you lots of feel-good endorphins, but it helps limit the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. The non-physical benefits of jumping rope are often the most significant!

If you enjoyed my story, read more incredible weight loss transformation stories in the blog here! Also, if you have a story you want to share, you can submit your jump rope transformation here! I love to hear about other people doing the thing and living their best lives!!

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I want to hear your transformation stories! How has jumping rope transformed your life? What were your greatest challenges? Post your comments in the Community, or hit me up on Facebook and Instagram.

Until next time, keep setting and crushing those fitness goals and…


–Jump Rope Dude Dan

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