How to Increase Your Metabolism and Lose Weight Faster Than Ever

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Your metabolism is as unique as a fingerprint. Some people metabolize foods super fast. Other people, it’s a little bit slower.

What is metabolism?

Your metabolism is essentially your body taking what you’ve eaten, breaking it down and converting it into energy.

The faster your body does this, the less likely you are to store what you consume as fat.

And fat is basically just stored energy for your body to use later on.

The slower your body metabolizes food, the more likely you are to actually store it as body fat.

Calculating your metabolism

Another key component to the metabolism puzzle is something called BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate, which is also unique to us as individuals.

Your BMR is how many calories you need to basically live. It’s the amount of calories your body needs to function even if you stayed in bed all day.


Your BMR is a function of your height, weight, age, and gender, but the most effective (and simplest) way to balance your food intake with energy expenditure is by managing your macronutrients.

Use your free Nutrition calculator to determine your macronutrients and eat within the quantities it provides.

How does your metabolism impact losing weight?

A lot of people struggle with losing weight and getting lean, but there are a few simple tips to follow that will help you speed up the process.

Now, there’s plenty of noise out there about metabolism and claims that it’s “bro science”.

Here at the Jump Rope Dudes, we share from our experience as overweight college athletes turned lean, mean, jump roping machines.

These tips might not work for you, but are you looking for an excuse? Or are you willing to give it a try?

1. Intermittent Fasting

Some people claim that it doesn’t matter when you eat 2000 calories (as an example), whether it’s a single meal or multiple meals.

We advocate intermittent fasting and tracking macronutrients, while other fitness personalities and brands promote spreading out calorie consumption through the day.

The main reason we promote intermittent fasting is because it allows you to shrink your eating window which makes it easier to eat less. Keeps it simple while maximizing results.

However, it really comes down to what works for you.

What meal schedule fits your lifestyle and will make it easy to eat healthy foods and consume the applicable amounts of carbs, fats, and proteins?

Remember: Use our free Nutrition Calculator to determine your macros.

2. Do The Thing

The average person spends up to 12 hours sitting every day. Whether that’s on your commute to work, sitting at your desk, or on the couch watching Netflix.

That is way too long to be sitting on your ass. No wonder so many people struggle with their metabolism and weight gain.

Get your butt moving!

3. Build Muscle

FACT: A pound of muscle burns at least 3x as many calories as a pound of fat.

This means that the more lean muscle you gain, the easier it is to burn calories and lose fat.


You can build muscle with our Swole Samurai workout program.



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