How To Get Rid of Love Handles Once and for All

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What’s going on fam? Today, we’re going to address one of the biggest and most asked questions that we get on our channel, which is: “Jump Rope Dudes, how do I lose my love handles?” In this post, we’ll guide you through the basics on how you get love handles in the first place, and then walk you through some easy-to-follow nutrition tips and a high-intensity workout to get your closer to that lean physique. If you follow these tips, focus and stay committed, you’ll not only get rid of those love handles, you’ll achieve an amazing body overall.

What Causes Love Handles?

High levels of excess stomach fat stored around your midsection result in love handles. You can build up this extra visceral fat from not moving your body enough, eating an unhealthy diet and from hormonal imbalances of cortisol in your body.

How Do I Lose Love Handles?

Now, ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to repeat what we say over and over in our videos and posts. The question of ‘how do you lose your love handles’ is something that gets asked a lot because people think that you can lose excess fat in specific areas. This also known as ‘spot reduction’. Let us just be very clear with you, it is NOT possible. If you work out a certain part of your body, say your abs, it’s not like you’re just going to get a six-pack or get muscular right in that area. You need to lose body fat all over your entire body, that’s how you get that lean muscle and Jump Rope Dude or Dudette physique.

If you want to lose your love handles, you have to lose body fat all over your body and that’s done in two ways.

Way 1: Eat at a calorie deficit

When we talk about a calorie deficit, all we’re talking about is you should be burning more calories than you’re consuming. In order to do this, check out our Nutrition Calculator to find out how exactly many calories and what the macronutrient breakdown of those is. Eat those, put them in MyFitnessPal, a platform that helps you easily track your food intake to help you stay accountable and on track to the body you want.

To get rid of love handles or belly fat, you’ve got to focus on putting the right macronutrients into your body. Incorporate a healthy diet into your everyday lifestyle and pay special attention to consuming complex carbs and lean proteins. Complex carbs such as beans, whole grains, and vegetables are turned to glucose in your body and will give you energy and fiber to build strong muscles. Lean proteins such as seafood, eggs, and dairy build and maintain lean muscle mass to get you that sexy, athletic physique. Pay attention to portion sizes of your macronutrients and make sure to consume them according to your Nutrition Calculator results. The focus here will be on a calorie deficit where you strive to lose weight and build lean muscle mass.

Way 2: Do high-intensity workouts

So one way to help you attain that calorie deficit is to do high-intensity workouts such as with a jump rope. Today, we’re going to do one of the highest fat burning workouts that we’ve put out so far. It’s going to involve an agility rope, a heavy rope and some ab exercises that we don’t usually feature in our workouts. Focus on combining your high-intensity interval training with muscle mass building exercises for the complete package.


Today we have a unique workout that isn’t going to target your love handles because targeting your love handles or a specific area of your body is not actually effective. It doesn’t work that way, so what we are going to do is burn a massive amount of calories, which will help to put you in a calorie deficit. This will, in turn, help you lose your love handles. And that’s pretty awesome.

For this workout, we’ll be using a rope set from CrossRope. The set includes an agility and heavy rope, which are really good for tricks and burning fat. Pick up the jump rope set (for an extra 10% off with this link) we use every day and you’ll be geared up to get the body you want. These rugged jump ropes from CrossRope are almost unbreakable and you can take your training anywhere, just like us.

Complete Circuit 3-4X. Rest 10 seconds between sets.

30 Seconds: Regular Bounce (Agility Rope)

*Rest 10 Seconds*

30 Seconds: Regular Bounce (Heavy Rope)

Picking it back up with the heavy rope and regular bounce here. What we always like to stress is proper form. Keep your knees slightly bent and you should be up on your toes, Make sure your elbows are slightly in, jutting out to the side of your hips and focus on using your wrists and your forearms to control everything. Your body should also look symmetrical on both sides.

 *Rest 10 Seconds*

30 Seconds: Right Side Plank Touches

This time, we threw in some abdominal exercises. So this exercise is a modified plank position that works on the obliques, which is around the area where your love handles are.  Again, we’re burning fat off there because we’re jumping rope and we’re eating in a calorie deficit, not because we’re doing this ab workout. The ab workout is just strengthening and building muscle in your obliques, but to have those abs visible you need to be able to lose body fat.

 *Rest 10 Seconds*

30 Seconds: Boxer Skip (Agility Rope)

Alright guys, here we’re going to turn up the intensity just a little bit. The goal for each one of these is to go at your maximum intensity so you can burn the most amount of fat possible, get rid of those love handles and go about the rest of your life.

*Rest 10 Seconds*

30 Seconds: Run In Place (Heavy Rope)

The heavy rope is really good at burning fat because your muscles work extremely hard to just keep your hands still and the rope moving. The extra weight just fires up your muscles and turns the workout up a notch.

*Rest 10 Seconds*

30 Seconds: Left Side Plank Touches

Keep your body in a nice straight line and keep your left and right hip high off the ground. Fire up your core to keep yourself steady and get those abdominal muscles engaged. Make sure you’re not leaning too far forward or backward, especially when you get to the end of this set and you start getting gassed. Focus on form and less on quantity to lose your love handles and get those shredded results.

*Rest 10 Seconds*

30 Seconds: Run In Place (Agility Rope)

Now we’re back to running in place with the agility rope. Here is where we want you to turn it up to that 90% or 95% of your max speed and max intensity. As we get into the second half of this workout, we really want to try and maximize how much we are able to burn. Guys remember, it only has to be about 30 minutes and then you’re done and you don’t have to do this anymore. So go as hard as you possibly can, get your heart rate up, get the best results you can and then be done and go live the Zen Dude and Dudette lifestyle. Go have some good food, go for a walk or a hike, or buy some new sneakers, whatever you want.

*Rest 10 Seconds*

30 Seconds: Regular Bounce (Heavy Rope)

This move is the most basic jump rope move, so make sure you push yourself and don’t fall into a mediocre pace. The heavy rope will increase the intensity already, but make sure you are going all out to burn that fat.

*Rest 10 Seconds*

30 Seconds: Right Side Plank

Switching to the right side now. All we’re doing here is holding ourselves up.  You can use a t-shirt or towel under your arm for a little extra support. Stay steady and make sure your bottom knee, the one closest to the ground is off the ground when you do this exercise. Don’t sag because then you won’t get the results you’re looking for.

*Rest 10 Seconds*

30 Seconds: Double Unders (Agility Rope)

These are pretty straightforward, but if you can’t do this move just do regular bounce or running in place as fast as you can. If you can do double-unders, we encourage you to try and get them consecutively for the entire set. If you can’t, just do some regular bounce and throw in a double under when you can.

*Rest 10 Seconds*

30 Seconds: Run In Place (Heavy Rope)

This is the last jump rope exercise and it’s with the heavy rope so go as hard as you possibly can and just burn out.

*Rest 10 Seconds*

30 Seconds: Left Side Plank

Back to the other side and we’re just holding ourselves up again one last time. Focus on form and find your breath to push through any pain or fatigue.

*Rest 10 Seconds*

Get it done and push yourself to get the results you want. If you want to check out more workouts just like this, check out our 4-week challengewhere you’ll find loads of workouts to keep you motivated and help you lose those love handles. Keep having fun, moving your body in ways you enjoy and living an epic life jumping rope!

Nutrition Recap:

  • Eat at a calorie deficit

  • Eat complex carbs and lean proteins

  • Use our calculator to find the right amount of calories and macronutrients

  • Track your food intake with MyFitnessPal to stay accountable

Workout Recap:

Complete Circuit 3-4X. Rest 10 seconds between each set.

  • 30 Seconds Regular Bounce (Agility Rope)

  • 30 Seconds Regular Bounce (Heavy Rope)

  • 30 Seconds Right Side Plank Touches

  • 30 Seconds Boxer Skip (Agility Rope)

  • 30 Seconds Run In Place (Heavy Rope)

  • 30 Seconds Left Side Plank Touches

  • 30 Seconds Run In Place (Agility Rope)

  • 30 Seconds Regular Bounce (Heavy Rope)

  • 30 Seconds Right Side Plank

  • 30 Seconds Double Unders (Agility Rope)

  • 30 Seconds Run In Place (Heavy Rope)

  • 30 Seconds Left Side Plank



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