Jump Rope Workout To Burn Fat

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Zen Dude Nation!! We’re excited to bring you a High Intensity Interval Training style workout so you can use your JUMP ROPE as an extremely effective tool to burn fat. We’re looking to do 3-5 rounds of this 5:20 circuit. Take look at the workout and then scroll down and we’ll answer some common questions.

Jump Rope to Burn Fat – The Workout:

  • 20 sec – jump rope – high knees

    • 10 seconds rest

    • 20 sec – pushups

      • 10 seconds rest

      • 20 sec – jump rope – reg bounce fast

        • 10 seconds rest

        • 20 sec – spiderman pushups

          • 10 seconds rest

          • 20 sec – jump rope – side swipe

            • 10 seconds rest

            • 20 sec – pushups

              • 10 seconds rest

              • 20 sec – jump rope – fast skip

                • 10 seconds rest

                • 20 sec – jump rope – double unders

                  • 60 seconds rest

That is ONE round. If you are up to it, go ahead and if repeat it 3-5 times.


Q: Dudes, this workout is great, but I can’t do pushups for 30 seconds straight.

A: Totally fine dude. Just pick a number of push ups that YOU CAN DO and go with that. If 5 (good) pushups in 30 seconds challenges you, you’ll be making progress!

Q: When I do high knees, I get tripped up on my jump rope.

A: Don’t sweat it.

1) Switch on over to a jump that you are better at and turn up the intensity; the idea is to burn calories.

2) Practice your freestyle steps while you warm up and while you cool down. If you need some pointers check out our tutorials.

Q: I don’t have the same jump rope you use.

A: We love the crossrope for dozens of reasons, like how durable it is or the ease at which we switch from a ¼ pound to 1 pound rope for added resistance, but you can skipping is skipping. Grab some rope. Tie your shoelaces together. Don’t find an excuse, find a reason and #dothething.

Q: Spiderman Push up? Fast Skip? Side Swipe? What language is this?

A: Fitness is fun right? Go ahead and give the video above a quick watch. We walk you though it.


If you’ve been following us, you may be getting tired of seeing this… but we WON’T stop staying it. You have to bring the intensity to your workouts. Even if you can only squeeze two rounds of this into your day, if you are bringing the intensity, you will get results over time.


You want results? We want to help. Remember! It’s NOT COMPLICATED; do two things consistently:

1 – Eat the right amount of food for your body.

2 – Exercise (with intensity) 4-5 times a week.

This combination is unstoppable.

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