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You’re thinking about jumping rope? Well, before you get started, you probably want to know:

Is jumping rope actually going to give me the results that I want?

We’re going to give you a peek into our worlds, both Dan and Brandon are going to tell you their stories about how they use a jump rope to travel around the world, have the freedom they want and maintain the bodies they want as well.

People out there are probably like, “Yo Zen dudes, why are you guys so obsessed with skipping rope?”

We’d say, “That is a valid question because we do seem to be doing it quite frequently.”

The reason that I got involved with jumping rope, is because it has been a tool… Not only for building a better body, but it’s efficient, okay? I’m admittedly an exerciser who doesn’t love to exercise all the time, okay?

Why the Jump Rope?

Dan Witmer – “I just want to look good and live longer… and enjoy myself along the way.”

About four years ago, I was working in a very fast-paced, software start-up sales environment. It was super fun; it was amazing, but… I was required to do a lot of traveling and I was also trying to lose a lot of weight.

This kind of bummed me out because I was like, well wait a second – I still want to focus on my career and traveling around the world, but I want to be able to have a great body and feel good.

That’s where the jump rope came into play. A friend introduced me to jump rope and was like, “Dude stop hating your life and just pick up this rope.” During this time I was also 70 pounds overweight.

Jump rope was something that… Well wait a second. I’m not just going to sit here and tell you the reason I lost 70 pounds and transformed my body to have the physique I have today is because solely of the jump rope. No, my body transformed because I was in a calorie deficit, and I was burning more calories than than I consumed, but…

The Jump Rope Is an Important Tool

It happens to be awesome tool for movement that I use day after day after day. Consistency is really the key of why I’m able to maintain the physique I have and why I was able to lose so much weight.

I have something fun that I can do every single day; that’s what separates the jump rope from many other types of exercise.

Brandon Epstein – “Oh okay… I can exercise and enjoy it?!?!”

Like Dan said… we’re just always looking for the most fun way to move our bodies. That’s what it comes down to.

Look – straight up – we’re not going to BS you and say, “Hey if you jump rope every day for an hour you’re going to have a six pack.”

At the end of the day, that could be true, but not unless you have your calories and nutrition on point. That’s what I came into.

I lost a bunch of weight. I went through a 50 pound transformation myself.

I started jumping rope and dropped another 10 pounds, but that first part of the transformation wasn’t enjoyable. I was like doing the Tupperware thing… and like missing out on my social life.

Once I found the jump rope I was like, “Oh okay… I can exercise and enjoy it?!?!”

Now I move my body in ways that I’m going to actually stick with because I find it fun and enjoyable.

Sustainable Exercise

It was just a matter of transitioning to a form of exercise that I could see myself doing for years. There’s a skill component to it, where you get better and so you challenge yourself and you want to keep doing it. Then there’s just a component where I believe, “hey yes, this is the most efficient way to burn body fat, while exercising.”

“This fits our lifestyle. We want adventure! We want freedom! We want results! That’s what you get from the jump rope and that’s why we use it.”

What makes the Jump Rope So Efficient?

Now this all sounds fantastic, but you might wonder what is it, specifically, about the jump rope that makes it so efficient? Well check this out, if you’re jogging you’re using your legs right? You’re burning a good amount of calories, just by running.

The jump rope incorporates the use of your legs (and it can be in a running fashion), but it can be used in many other different agilities too…  But the point is you’re using your legs, your hands, forearms, chest and back!

Basically, your body went from, okay I’m pretty tired – I’m running; to like “shit now he’s using his upper body and his lower body? Now I’m really spent!” That’s where you get the exercise efficiency from jumping rope.

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