600 Calorie Burn Jump Rope Workout

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We’re gonna do a 600 calorie burn workout with the jump rope. To put that into context, we’re basically burning off a Burger King Whopper in less than 10 minutes.

Are you ready for this?

Your results may vary

First things first, we recognize y’all are unique snowflakes. Meaning everyone’s body is different.

Some of you might burn a different amount of calories based on your fitness level, body type, and how intensely you approach this workout.

And intensity is the key.

Go hard to get lean

The point of this jump rope workout, and the best assurance for you to burn a large amount of calories and get that lean body we always talk about, is to go as intense as possible.

Don’t focus on the number. 600 calories is a lot. It’s going to be hard to reach.

Just go as hard as you possibly can and you’re more likely to burn 600 calories (or more!) during this workout.

It all depends on the work you put into it.

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600 Calorie Burn Jump Rope Workout

If you’re ready to workout, you can click play on the video above or use your own timer to complete the routine below.


1 Minute – Jump Rope Freestyle 30 Seconds – Air Squats 1 Minute – Jump Rope Run in Place 30 Seconds – High Knees 1 Minute – Jump Rope Freestyle 30 Seconds – Jumping Lunges 1 Minute – Jump Rope Mummy Kicks 30 Seconds – Hand Over Hand Push-ups


  • 10 Seconds Rest Between Each Exercise

  • 1 Minute Rest Between Each Set

  • Complete: 4 Times




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