Jump Rope Tricks

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Tricks are for kids?

Na. Not in the Zen Dude Nation. We want to see your stuff!Seriously, head on over to our Facebook page and post em’ if you got em’ because we want to see what you can do.Okay. Time to get serious – about doing tricks. They are fun, they are challenging and if you can do them well, you can burn more calories…

I know all that is good, but man…We just want you to look COOL!We’re going to focus a little more some intermediate level tricks so if you aren’t ready yet, check out our beginner series on youtube.

For these combinations, you’ll gonna need to have the criss cross, double under and the side swipe down fairly well. If you don’t have them, cruise our tutorials and get practicing!

Let’s jump in and start linking some of these trick into combos!

Jump Rope Side Swipe + Criss Cross + Run in Place

  1. Lead with your dominate hand to initiate your side swipe (to one side)2. Bring that side swipe over to the other side

  2. Get one regular swing in

  3. Throw in the Criss Cross

  4. Repeat. Being able to repeat it ties it all together.

Jump Rope Criss Cross + Double Under

Note: We like to double under then Criss Cross, but do what works for you.

  1. Pull that double under

    1. Slow that ropes momentum by NOT encouraging it with your wrists

    2. Initiate that cross (to further slow the rope)

    3. Get back to a rhythm where you can initiate again.

Side Swipe + Double Under

In this one, you are using your exit from the Swipe to power your double under.

  1. Side Swipe (you can go to one side or both like we do here in the video)

    1. As you exit the swipe, use the momentum your arm produces to initiate rope speed for the double.

    2. Put that extra height in your bounce.

    3. Land and keep going!

Double Under + Sprint in Place

This one is all about timing.

  1. Get that run in place going quick! You want your rope speed to be right at double under pace

    1. Take that big hop and let your rope pass twice

    2. Maintain fast rope speed

    3. Get your feet right back off the ground so you can resume run in place.

    4. Practice. Practice. Practice. You can watch this video a 1000 times, but you are still going to need to adapt these tricks and tips to your own jumping style.No two people will do this exactly the same, so embrace your style and shine.#DOTHETHING

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