Jump Rope Workout For Abs

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You DON’T get abs from doing sit ups!

But we’re going to talk about the things you CAN do to reveal your sexy mid-section.

Reduce your total body fat percentage

This is the key to “getting abs.” We all “have” abs but we can only see them on people that are lean. There are a few things we want to focus on in order to accomplish this.

Eat in a Calorie Deficit

When you are eating in a calorie deficit, your body will continue to need energy, but it recognizes it can’t rely 100% on food for it.

Do you know where it’s going to look? Yup! Your body is smart and it will start burning stored fat for energy which will make you lean!

Calculate your Macronutrient Needs

So how much should you be eating? Swing by and check out our Macro Calculator. Just put in your data along with your goals and it’ll tell you exactly where to start!

Remember. No algo in the world can tell every individual what they need. So get started with this number, hit your macros for a few weeks then circle back to us in the DOJO and we’ll work with you to ensure you get them gains – uh, losses!


We want you doing 100 sit ups an hour… NOOO! While we do want you to have strong abs, you can’t target fat loss so ditch stoping thing crunches = abs. We want you doing intense exercise that is going to burn massive amount of calories, like jumping rope, to help you reduce your overall body fat percentages.

So you are telling me to stop doing Ab exercises?

No! We know your abs and core are crucial to almost all functional human movements so we want you to have a strong core, but if you want visible abs – like a six-pack – you aren’t going to get them from just doing crunches. As we mentioned, you can’t target fat loss so let’s first concentrate on making them visible.

But how?

We have an intense Ab workout that focuses on strengthening your core and burning a ton of calories with our favorite fitness tool: The Crossrope.

Jump Rope Workout For Abs

  • 30 seconds – Jump Rope – Sideswipe

    • 30 seconds – Rest

    • 30 seconds – Plank

      • 30 seconds – Rest

      • 30 seconds – Jump Rope – Sprint

        • 30 seconds – Rest

        • 30 seconds – Leg Raises

          • 30 seconds – Rest

          • 30 seconds – Jump Rope – Feet front to back

            • 30 seconds – Rest

            • 30 seconds – Ab Crunchers

              • 30 seconds – Rest

              • 30 seconds – Jump Rope – Criss Cross

                • 30 seconds – Rest

                • 30 seconds – Jump Rope – Mummy Kicks

                  • 60 seconds – Rest

That is ONE round. We’d like to see you complete this circuit 2-3 times.

If you’re not sure what some of these moves are, watch the video.

If you can’t do some of the jump rope moves like Jump Rope Criss Cross, just do intense regular bounce.

If you want to learn moves like the Jump Rope Criss Cross, follow us on Youtube and watch tutorials like this.

The most important thing to remember while Getting Fit and Lean?

Challenge yourself. Everyone is at a different level of fitness so don’t be afraid to make this workout work for you. If you need to take 5 minutes rest between rounds, that’s fine. Say you can’t do 30 seconds of work… Great. Reduce it to 15 seconds and tack on 5 seconds as you get stronger.

Remember, do what YOU need and what YOU are capable of. You don’t have to keep up with us, but it’s important that you challenge yourself!


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