Jake Gyllenhaal Southpaw Workout

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Today we’re going to show you how to jump rope like Jake Gyllenhaal in the movie Southpaw. To get his shredded physique for this movie, Jake went through an insane amount of boxing training, which included a whole lot of jumping rope. We’re going to take you through a few of his jump rope moves and show you how to get the proper technique for each one. Let’s get to it!

Jake Gyllenhaal Jump Rope Workout:

All you need to complete this workout is a good jump rope. If you want the rope we use in every single one of our workouts, check out the CrossRope. It’s the best rope we’ve found on the market and it makes jumping rope really enjoyable.

Boxer Skip

This is a pretty basic move where you alternate every foot and add in two hops for each revolution. This move is pretty easy to master and it also forms the base of a lot of fighter’s workouts. Basically you’re just shifting the weight of your feet so when one foot touches, the other knee bends. You can tap once or twice; whatever you feel works best for you. If you want a little help getting the technique for this one down, check out our boxer skip tutorial.

Toe Taps

Jake Gyllenhaal went on The Ellen Degeneres Show when he was promoting the movie SouthPaw and actually showed this exact move. We like to alternate from doing one toe tap every time to adding in a second one. The difference between this and regular bounce is that you take short steps out with your feet and slightly tap your toes. Keep your upper body straight, keep your elbows in and use your wrists to control the movement of the jump rope. The key to becoming good at these moves is doing subtle movements and focusing on making them fast. For toe taps, you really shouldn’t shift more than 6 to 8 inches from back to front.

Single Leg Heel Tap

For this move, you jump rope like normal but add in heel taps on one leg only. We like to do 3 heel taps on one leg and then switch. You can switch it up and do every other or alternate as you see fit. These are not that much different from toe taps in terms of technique; you’re just using a different part of your foot to tap. Keep your weight on your back foot, let your other foot come forward and then use your forward foot to taps the ground slightly using your heel.

Side Swipe Single Unders

This is a move that we had a hard time conquering so don’t feel bad if this one takes you some time to get down. To do this move like Jake does, you need to do a swipe on each side before opening back up in the middle and jumping over the rope. What we recommend if you can’t quite master this move is to just do one sideswipe and then bring the rope underneath your feet. You can also add in a crisscross to make it a bit more challenging.

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t do some of these moves. There are some jump rope moves that we have a hard time with even though we jump rope almost every single day. It’s ok – just have fun with it, keep practicing and you’ll master these moves.

Do The Thing

If you want to look like Jake Gyllenhaal, you’ll need to dial in your nutrition and get your workouts in. If you want more info on how Jake got his physique for this movie, check out our Jake Gyllenhaal Body Breakdown. This Jake Gyllenhaal jump rope workout is a great way to take your workout regimen to the next level and you can pair it with our free 4-week challenge to live an epic lifestyle and get the body you want using the jump rope. So get out there, have fun and push yourself.



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