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Zen Dude Nation! Today we want to talk about this specific physique. It’s the body Brandon has. The body Dan has. Around here, we have a name for it:

The Zen Dude Physique

We do body breakdowns on people we look up to – you know, Brad Pitt in Fight Club, Bruce Lee or Cristiano Ronaldo by telling you how they train, what they eat and what you might need to do in order to get that particular physique.

Even so, we continue to get countless emails, Facebook messages, Instagram DM’s and comments on youtube asking, “What do I really need to do to get the Zen Dude Physique?”

People are sort of implying that we are holding some information back. We aren’t.

The Biggest Secret in Fitness

Getting lean and staying fit is about doing just a few simple things VERY CONSISTENTLY. It’s not difficult, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be challenging. Let’s talk about the tools we use.

The Jump Rope

Obviously, we’re going to talk about this. It’s an incredibly simple and portable tool. You can use it anywhere which makes coming up with an excuse to not work out pretty tough.

We love the Agility Rope by Crossrope Jump Ropes. The handles are slightly weighted and buttery smooth. Since the handles are slightly weighted and the rope is slightly weighted (4 oz) you’re able to engage your shoulders, calves, your core; basically your entire body.

Macro Calculator

You are going to need to know how many calories your body needs for proper daily function and you are going to need to know how much food you need to be eating on a consistent basis in order to reach your goals.

To help you get in a small, safe calorie deficit that will help you burn fat over time, we created the Zen Dude Fitness Macro Calculator.

The calculator is pretty easy to use, but if you have questions about how to enter your data, check out this video.

Our Story

If you’re familiar with the Zen Dudes, you may already know that we are former football players. What this means is that we’ve had 10 years to lift weights, train and pack on muscle.

We were big dudes who became focused on reducing our body fat levels in order to lean out and get this physique while holding onto as much lean muscle as possible.

For many of you, whether you have a football/weightlifting background or not, it’s gonna be the same. Ultimately you just need to reduce your body fat levels to show off that sexy body!

FOOD – The first thing you need to do

You need to focus on how much food you are eating. This is going to vary depending on your goal. Have some self-awareness and decide if you really need to gain muscle or just burn fat.

We know there is an argument that you can do both at the same time, but for today, let’s just make gaining muscle or burning fat a priority so you can get results as fast as possible.

We believe that the majority of you can have bodies like us just by dialing in your food intake and just eating a little less.

Getting Lean is not Complicated

It’s not about cleanses and magic pills. It’s not about eating this new, hidden mushroom. It’s not about a special veggie or protein shake. It’s not about a new supplement.

It’s about eating enough calories to give your body the energy it needs but to not overfeed it so it stores extra food as fat.

Simple right?

Dial In Your Macros

After you use the calculator to set yourself in a calorie deficit. Get started consistently hitting your calorie goals. Attempt to not go over, but don’t go under either; less isn’t better! Aim for +/- 5%of your target.

Once you are hitting your total calorie goal, prioritize your protein intake. You need to ensure you are getting enough protein so that you can maintain your muscle mass. In addition, you need to be eating the correct ratio of protein, carbs and fats to ensure you will meet your fitness goals.

We’re not in our Bodies Because We Jump Rope

Jump Rope is part of the formula, but we have are in our bodies because on a consistent basis, we consume the correct amount of macronutrients for our bodies. Knowing how much to eat on a daily level is what allows us to look like this.

Jump Rope

Jump Rope is an awesome tool because it’s fun! It helps us to burn excess calories and get fit while living an awesome life. The truth is, if we over ate, we could jump rope for 3 hours a day and we’d still have excess body fat!

The Magic Potion

Consistency. We have built and maintained our bodies by eating the right amount of food day-after-day, for years. That’s it.

Artificial Complexity

Please don’t read an article on “How many calories you burn by jumping rope” and try to factor this into your diet. Don’t go counting your skips and assume “I just burned 600 calories.”

Keep this process simple! Start eating the total number of calories in the macronutrient ratios provided to you in the calculator. Get consistent with your food intake and get consistent with your exercise.

Reality Check

The fitness industry is confusing and full of lies. We want to be real with you. 4 weeks probably isn’t enough time to get the Zen Dude Physique. 12 weeks or even 16 weeks still may not be enough time.

But you are saying “Dudes, your Getting Lean Course is 12 weeks long.”

We know! What we are telling you is that this is a lifestyle and you need to prioritize your health and fitness.

If you plug into one of our courses, know that it doesn’t end after just 12 weeks. Our programs are templates to get you started, get you going and give you something to build on. You need to keep going and make fitness and nutrition part of your everyday life… Forever.


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