How To Get A Body Like Zac Efron

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Zac Efron’s fitness transformation is legendary. Starting from his lean body in

High School Musical

to his most recent physique in


, Zac has gone from looking like a little boy to a full-on beast.

Now we know that you’re here to learn how to get a Zac Efron physique, but there are a lot to choose from. Today we’re going to do a body breakdown of three of his different physiques and so you can create the one that you want. No matter if you are going for the 17 Again lean physique or the jacked physique of Baywatch, we’ll show you the exact steps on how you can get there. If Zac Efron can do it, so can any dude.

We’ll cover everything from Zac’s diet to his workout plan to the mindset it takes to create the results that he was able to produce.

17 Again

Back in his early days, Zac Efron was lean but didn’t have a ton of muscle mass. This is his easiest physique to create and all you need to do is be constantly be active. Hike, run and make moving consistently a part of your daily life. Walking to work, joining a local sports team or taking fitness classes at your gym are all great ways to get moving and grooving.

How to Workout:

For this physique, Zac used a 3-2-1 fitness regimen that focused on staying lean. Here’s how it goes. For 5 days per week, alternate between slow controlled weight lifting and high intensity interval training. Do a set of controlled repetition pull-ups or bench press and then directly to a high intensity activity. Here you can work in jump rope and focus on hitting all major muscle groups. If you need a little inspiration, check out our high intensity 4-week challenge where we have jump rope and workout regimens that you can use to create this body physique.

How to Eat:

To get this physique you need to focus on nutrition operating on a calorie deficit. This means you should eat fewer calories than you are expending, which means you’re going to lose weight. Eat real, whole foods such as eggs, oats, fruits, and vegetables. If you need help figuring out your calorie target, our nutrition calculator does all of the hard work for you.


Zac’s physique during the filming of Neighbors is the closest thing to a Zen Dude Fitness physique. Zac was hard, lean, athletic, chiseled and had an overall functional body. The goal here is to gain strength by gaining lean muscle mass through slow strength training. It does take work to build this physique, but you don’t commit your entire life to it like a bodybuilder.

How to Workout:

To get this physique, you need to lift weight consistently. Zac used a workout regimen called a 3-day lifting split. Check it out:


  • Shoulders, back and abs


  • Shoulders and legs


  • Chest and arms

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday

  • Pick 2 or 3 of these days for HIIT training such as jump rope to round things out

For main lifts, you want to stay in a lower rep range, around 4-6 reps per set.

For your auxiliary lifts such as bicep curls, go for a higher rep range, around 10-12  reps per set.

How to Eat:

Since you’re trying to build muscle mass, you need to eat a calorie surplus, which means consuming more calories than you are spending. We’ve got you covered with our gaining muscle courses that detail types of foods and quantities you should consume when trying to build muscle. As with his previous physique, make sure to eat whole real foods such as lean meats and vegetables to hit your macros. Make sure to stay consistent to get built like Zac.


For his role in Baywatch, Zac gained about 10 pounds of muscle mass in one year. That’s about the most muscle mass you can get per year through consistent, dedicated workout.  If you’re aiming for this physique, you need to dedicate yourself completely.

How to Workout:

Zac worked in abdominal exercises every other day to get his abs looking rock hard and used the same 3-day lifting split for his Neighbors’ physique. You’ll need to stay fully committed for a full year. To get movie ready, Zac spent the final 12 weeks doing high intensity interval training to get shredded.

How to Eat:

To get this shredded look, you need to spend 52 weeks at a calorie surplus and then focus the final 12 weeks on a calorie deficit to lose body fat. Because he had a movie role to prepare for, Zac also cut out carbs and sugars for the last two weeks. Similar results can be achieved without this final purge as long as you stay completely consistent throughout the year.

Focus + Consistency = Results

Decide which physique you want to create and visualize it. Know what you’re going after and have complete clarity on the body you want and how you want to feel in that body. The more clarity and focus you have on where you’re going, the easier it will be to create that body and results. The name of the game is to stay consistent above all else. Focus on eating consciously and working out consistently. Your body is just a science equation so if you put the right inputs in, you’re gonna get the results you want. Move your body in ways that you enjoy and get after it.



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