How To Get A Body Like Conor McGregor

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Today, we’re breaking down the body of a multi-weight class UFC champion…The notorious, Conor McGregor.

We love him here at Zen Dude Fitness because the dude is a true Zen Dude. But love him or hate him, this MMA champion keeps winning in and out of the ring.

We’re going to break down everything: his mindset, his diet and his workouts, so you can have the tools to build a body just like Conor McGregor.

Conor is the epitome of the physique that we promote at Zen Dude Fitness. He’s lean, fast, athletic, but he’s not too big or bulky.

More than that? Conor looks like a baller in a suit with some Gucci Mink.

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The reason we love Conor isn’t because he just looks fit; the dude literally is a lethal weapon. Not only is he an MMA beast, but he took on boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match – which isn’t even one of his typical fighting styles.

Now it’s important to note that Conor’s physique and weight does change with each fight.

  • UFC 194 – Jose Aldo – Weighing in at 145 pounds.

  • UFC 96 – Nate Diaz – Weighing in at 168 pounds.

  • UFC 205 – Eddie Alvarez – Weighing in at 155 pounds.

The point is – No matter what fight, or which weight class he’s in, Conor is still able to maintain that lean, mean Zen Dude physique.

Let’s go into the training methods that help keep Conor shredded year round.

It’s pretty understood in the UFC world that Conor does not follow any specific regimen, which is obviously very Zen Dude, because he just kind of does what he wants. His thing is more surrounding movement as opposed to traditional hours of sparring and lifting like many other UFC fighters.

The staples of Conor McGregor’s workouts

  • Pushups

  • Pull ups

  • Calisthenic movements

  • Explosive movements

  • Gymnastics work

  • Martial arts

Conor’s workout regimen is not very routine. It’s a great thing, because it keeps his body guessing.

It makes training more challenging, and lets him have fun. He’s not really doing a whole lot of heavy weight lifting, and he’s burning a massive amount of calories each day.

If you’re someone who is thinner than Conor, and you’re looking to add mass, you do need to be lifting weights. If your goal is to pack on some mass check out our gaining muscle course.

If you’re a little bigger than Conor right now, and you’re looking to shred up, you need to eat in a calorie deficit and do things like high-intensity workouts. You can find great stuff on our youtube channel or you can check out our getting lean course.

Let’s get on the level. If you came to this post thinking, “Oh man, I’m going to get the exact Conor McGregor workout because I saw in a Men’s Fitness Magazine,” know that isn’t gonna happen.

Conor McGregor does not have a specific workout. If you see somewhere online that says “this is Conor McGregor’s workout,” just recognize, he does not have a specific workout.

Conor McGregor is a fan of all different types of movement.

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You must understand that he has some of the best coaches in the world working with him, literally 24/7. He is moving his body and exercising for like ten hours a day. You might not have ten hours a day to workout… but that is totally fine.

At the end of the day, the biggest contributing factor to how ripped, lean and sexy you can get is nutrition. Let’s talk next about what Conor putting in his mouth.

Food! Food man! Get your mind out the gutter.

Real Food

Whether he’s training for a fight or not, most of Conor’s food comes from whole sources; close to nature. Conor’s nutritionist George Lockhart, summed up Conor’s diet by saying that Conor is on a high-fat and high-protein diet.

Most people think that you need to be on a high carb diet when doing all the cardio that Conor is doing. The high-fat and high-protein diet actually helps Conor to stay much leaner and feel much more satiated during his workouts. Eating like this allows his body to tap into stored fat rather than the glucose that he would get from carbohydrates.

Eat like Conor McGregor

You’re going to need a lot of lean meats, a lot of red meats, salmon, copious amounts of quality greens, and a ton of fruit. SIMPLE. Real food that you would find in our simple meal system which is included with our programs.

Also, Conor says that he drinks mostly water and coconut water. You need to drink water all the time to keep your body hydrated if you want to use Conor McGregor’s training methods.

Does Conor McGregor Count Macro’s?

Nope. He doesn’t, but also remember, Conor McGregor is exercising all-day, every day and he also has a team of people including a nutritionist, monitoring his weight and body composition every single day.

Our dude Conor is always training; he puts his body through a lot, so high protein diet is needed for his recovery. Again, it’s likely that your training volume is probably not as high as Conor’s so you are going to want to control your portions.

Macronutrient Calculator

Take a look at the Zen Dude Fitness Macronutrient calculator, so you can figure out how many calories and macronutrients you need to be eating each day.

It’s straightforward. You’re just going to put in your information and your goals. If you are a guy, you going to select “High.” This is to calculate your protein. If you are a woman, you can select medium.

After you’ve input your info, click calculate. That’s it. Now remember – every single person is different. Get started with these numbers. Hit them for a few weeks and then we can see how you feel.

Remember! We aren’t telling you not to enjoy things like processed food, desserts, chocolate and you know…. a little bit of alcohol every now and then. At Zen Dude Fitness we say about 70-75 of your intake should come from real, whole, unprocessed food.

Visualize Your Success

Conor has confidence and visualizes every single win inside the ring; that’s how we want you to visualize getting the body you want. Visualize yourself eating the proper amount of food everyday. Visualize yourself moving, doing Zen Dude Fitness workouts and getting intense each day..

Conor’s body is a product of the mindset that he has. It spills over into the way he dresses, the way he does his business and of course, the way he wins in the ring.

Conor believes truly, that he can create any outcome with his mind. As a Zen Dude or Dudette, we want you to think about your body this way.



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