How to Be More Confident

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Everyone wants to know how you can become more confident. The amount of confidence you have directly correlates to how much you can achieve in life.

Let’s face it, the more confident you are, the more risks you’re going to take, and the more you’re going to eventually achieve.

So how do you become more confident?

Get off the roller coaster

Above everything else, we recommend you get off the roller coaster of everyone else’s opinion of you.

Most people’s confidence is riding on a roller coaster of what other people say about them and the judgements they’re constantly receiving.

You’re never going to escape people’s judgment.

Everyone is going to have opinions about you. Just like you have opinions about everyone else.

If you’re constantly relying on other people’s approval, you’re confidence is never going to reach its potential.

Build confidence from the inside out

Start to grow your confidence from the internal.

Decide you who want to be and how you want to show up in this world.

Every day that you show integrity by being that person, your confidence is going to grow a little bit each day.

You’ll realize that you’re empowered by deciding who you want to be.

Affirm your intentions

Here’s an example of a decision you can make about yourself:

I am someone with incredible discipline.

If you make this decision and verbalize this affirmation to yourself each day and act accordingly, your confidence will grow.

If you wake up each day and meditate or go to the gym, or whatever the one thing is that you know requires you to practice discipline, you’re confidence is going to increase.

Each day this affirmation and ownership compounds your level of confidence until you wake up one day and you’re more confident than you ever imagined.

It’s that simple.

Make the transition from relying on other people’s opinions to start getting your sense of confidence from the internal source of who you are and who you decide to be.




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