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Home Workout for Women Okay, Okay, confession time: we ‘bro’ and ‘dude’ and ‘bro’ and ‘dude’ all the time here in the Zen DUDE nation, but we know, AND LOVE, that there are lots fantastic Zen Dudettes that form part of the community, we have met many of you in our FREE FOUR WEEK CHALLENGE. This workout we are sharing with you today is specifically for all of you! You make up a huge and very powerful part of this community, which is why we put this together..

For those of you that stumbled on this blog and are not familiar with the Zen Dude Fitness style of workouts, this workout will consist of high intensity jump rope combined with body weight training. You will, obviously, need a jump rope for this workout. The jump rope we prefer is the Cross Rope, you can go ahead and use that link to get off with you don’t already have a rope.

If you have been doing our workouts for a while with another rope, we strongly recommend that you consider the Cross Rope, we believe it is the best rope out there and the best fat burning tool we know of. So, go grab it right now, we’ll wait.

This workout is basically a repeat of 20 seconds of all out jump rope, followed by 10 seconds rest, then 20 seconds lower body bodyweight exercises. Now you will be doing that four times for a total of 8 exercises, that is one circuit. If you are a beginner you need to do this circuit three times total (we’re going easy on you since you’re new here), and if you are more advanced you can do the circuit 5 times.

Remember to take a 1-minute break after each circuit, hit rewind and hit it again.

The Workout

  • 20 Seconds: Jump Rope, Run In Place.

  • 20 Seconds: Air Squats

  • 20 Seconds: Jump Rope, Feet X’s

  • 20 Seconds: Back Lunges

  • 20 Seconds: Jump Rope, Feet Front To Back

  • 20 Seconds: Jumping Lunges

  • 20 Seconds: Jump Rope, Regular Bounce

  • 20 Seconds: Sumo Squats

    • Rest 10 Seconds Between Exercises

    • Rest 1 Minute Between Circuits.

Complete Circuit 3-5x (3 Beginner, 5 For Advanced)

The Workout In Detail

20 Seconds: Jump Rope Run in Place

The trick is to keep your upper body stable with your wrists jutting out to the side and maintain a nice low form to the ground, whilst running in place.

*Rest 10 seconds*

20 Seconds: Air Squats

We’ve go squats coming up next to get that booty into shape! Make sure your knees are jutting out to the side, so you activate those glute muscles.

*Rest 10 Seconds*

20 Seconds: Jump Rope Feet X’s

Jump rope whilst kicking your feet out to the side then back and crossing in the middle, then out to the side, and reverse crossing in the middle. If you can’t do this move, just do regular bounce to the best of your ability, you still going to be able to lose a bunch of weight.

*Rest 10 Seconds*

20 Seconds: Back Lunges

Up next, also activating the glute muscles we’re going to be doing back lunges. Now, the biggest thing we want you to focus on here is to reach as far back as you possibly can. You do not want your front knee to come over your toe, and when you press back up with your front foot, press up with your heel.

*Rest 10 Seconds*

20 Seconds: Jump Rope Feet Front to Back.

Switch your feet while jumping rope forward and back, be careful not to try and take humongous steps, rather focus on simply shuffling your feet forward and back.

*Rest 10 Seconds*

20 Seconds: Jumping Lunges

Like regular lunges, but instead exploding off of your front heel and switching your feet in the air before landing, again activating that infamous glute muscle.

*Rest 10 Seconds*

20 Seconds: Jump Rope Regular Bounce

The last jump rope exercise of the circuit is just a regular bounce for 20 seconds.

*Rest 10 Seconds*

20 Seconds: Sumo Squats

Sumo squats are like regular air squats, only that with sumo squats your place your feet further apart which allows you to come down really low and break that 90-degree angle, and use all the muscles in your legs.

And that is it, one circuit in the bag!

For beginners, you can rest for 1 minute and the do the circuit twice more, resting 1 minute after each round.

For our advanced Zen Dudettes, you can rest for 1 minute and then proceed to do the circuit 4 more times! Remembering to also rest for one minute between circuits.


This is a high intensity jump rope and lower body bodyweight workout, designed especially for all the awesome Zen Dudettes in our community. It combines various high impact jump rope exercises with lower body weight exercises that target those booty muscles, the glutes.

Remember that you can get to your goal weight and get the body you want by following these and our other workouts, and getting that all-important nutrition right.



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