Home Workout For Women

We understand that we have a lot of awesome women in this community and we wanted to put together a workout that you ladies can do right at home. Jump Rope Dudettes make up a huge, powerful and very important part of this community so today, we’re going to feature a workout specifically for you. This workout is going to be a high intensity jump rope and bodyweight workout. All you need to do this workout is a jump rope and some space to get moving. You can use any jump rope you have at home or pick up the CrossRope we use in all of our workouts. The basic structure of today’s workout is going to be 20 seconds of all out effort with the jump rope, 10 seconds of rest, followed by 20 seconds of a lower body bodyweight exercise. We’re going to do this 4 times for a total of 8 exercises. If you’re a beginner, do this exercise 3 times total. If you are advanced and have been doing these workouts for a while, do the circuit 5 times total. You can do this workout when travelling or combine it with our free 4-week challenge to get the body you want. Let’s get into it!

Women’s Home Workout :

*Rest 10 seconds between exercises
*Complete circuit 3-5x (3 beginner, 5 for advanced)

20 seconds – Jump Rope – Run in Place

This is a pretty simple move. All you do is keep your upper body straight and try to limit excess movement. Make sure your wrists are jutting out to the sides of your hips and keep your feet 1-2 inches off the ground when you’re jumping. You can check out our run in place tutorial if you need a little extra help getting the right form.

20 seconds – Air Squats

Start with your feet shoulder-width apart or just slightly wider than that. Lower yourself down and try to do as many as possible in these 20 seconds. Make sure that your knees don’t track out of your toes and focus on getting low. You want to create a 90-degree angle between your hamstrings and your calves every time you squat down.

20 seconds – Jump Rope – Feet X’s

All you do here is bring your feet out to the side and cross them in the middle. Then you’re going to repeat the same move, but this time cross them the opposite way. If you can’t do this move yet, don’t worry about it. Just do regular bounce to the best of your ability and you’re still going to be able to lose weight and get fit.

20 seconds – Back Lunges

With these back lunges, we’re going to focus on activating your glute muscles. Make sure you reach back as far as you can because you don’t want your front knee to come out over your toe. When you push yourself back up, make sure you are pressing off of your heel.

20 seconds – Jump Rope – Feet Front to Back

You don’t need to take humungous steps, instead just shuffle your feet from front to back. Make sure you control the movement of the jump rope with your wrists and try to avoid flailing around or doing too much. Make sure to push yourself to maximum intensity for these 20 seconds.

20 seconds – Jumping Lunges

This move is exactly like a regular front lunge, with the only difference being that you add in a jumping move. To do this, explode off your front heel and focus on activating your glute muscle. This is another move where you want to make sure you are keeping your movements controlled and maintaining proper form so you can get the best results.

20 seconds – Jump Rope – Regular Bounce

This is the last jump rope exercise for the circuit so make sure you go all out, even if you’re starting to feel tired. Push through the pain and you’ll get the results you want.

20 seconds – Sumo Squats

Start with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart and focus on coming down past the 90-degree angle to really activate your muscles. Get low and do as many as you can with proper form in this 20-second interval. Once you finish with the exercise, run through the circuit again 2 more times if you’re a beginner or 4 times if you’re advanced.

Workout Recap:

*Rest 10 seconds between exercises *Complete circuit 3-5x (3 beginner, 5 for advanced)

  • 20 seconds – Jump Rope – Run in Place
  • 20 seconds – Air Squats
  • 20 seconds – Jump Rope – Feet X’s
  • 20 seconds – Back Lunges
  • 20 seconds – Jump Rope – Feet Front to Back
  • 20 seconds – Jumping Lunges
  • 20 seconds – Jump Rope – Regular Bounce
  • 20 seconds – Sumo Squats

Do The Thing

You can can become the best version of yourself, you just need to know where you are at and dial in your nutrition and workouts to reach your goals. Eat the right amount of food for your body using our Nutrition Calculator and get intense when it’s time to workout. If you stay consistent and hit your target numbers, you’ll get the body you want. Jump rope is a really portable activity and you can do it anywhere from the gym to your living room. There are no excuses – get out there and do the thing!


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