How to Get Defined Calves With Jump Rope

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What’s up Zen Dude Nation? Today, we’re going to show you how to get more defined calf muscles with jump rope. Check it out:

But before we get into it, let’s go through a few important points.

1. Genetics Matter

We 100 percent believe that any person in the world has the ability to change their body and have it look the way they want. Having said that, certain people are more genetically gifted than others when it comes to building muscle in certain areas of the body. Understand that while you have the capability to shape, tone, and build specific areas of your body through hard work, know that genetics do play a role.

2. Need Mass? LIFT.

Today’s workout is all about getting more defined calf muscles like soccer players, sprinters or NFL wide receivers. This is not about growing calf muscles. If you need to put on a lot of mass on your calves, the same principles apply to growing any other muscle in your body. You need to eat at a calorie surplus and do some kind of resistance training with weights. This can be as simple as placing something heavy on your back (like a barbell) and doing calf raises. If you feel like you’ve got enough mass on your calves and want to define them on your legs, this can be done with simple jump rope.

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Calves-Defining Jump Rope Workout

This workout uses 6 jump rope exercises to help you sculpt those calves. Complete the circuit 2-3 times and make sure to rest for 10 seconds in between each exercise.

30 sec regular bounce with a jump rope

This move will get you warmed up and ready for calf definition. You should focus on keeping proper technique and making sure your feet don’t come more than an inch or two off the ground. Keep your knees slightly bent, your elbows in, and your hands out to the sides of your hips.

30 sec jump rope running in place

When doing this jump, the thing you want to concentrate on most is being up on your toes. Make sure to make a mental connection to the specific muscle you are working. Every time your foot hits the ground, remember what it feels like to flex your calf muscle and visualize it becoming more defined.

Jump Rope Run In Place from Zen Dude Fitness on Vimeo.

30 sec single leg jump rope

Hop on one leg and make sure you switch legs for every rotation. This is a great isolation exercise that is pretty difficult to master. To help with balance, pretend that your toes are like little fingers grabbing the ground. This visualization also makes it easier to stay light on your toes so you can maintain speed and intensity.

jump rope – single leg from Zen Dude Fitness on Vimeo.

30 sec mummy kicks

For proper mummy kicks, make sure to kick your feet out and stay on your toes the whole time. This exercise is very calf muscle intensive so make sure to focus on feeling your calf muscle contract every time it hits the ground. Try to go at a higher speed so you can up your cardio and burn tons of calories.

jump rope – mummy kicks from Zen Dude Fitness on Vimeo.

30 sec double unders

This jump is about making two passes per jump instead of one. This requires speed and a higher work capacity. Double unders are explosive and work calf muscles harder than they get worked out with a regular bounce. They are a great way to grow your calf muscles and increase your vertical leap. If you can’t do double unders every time, try to fit as many as possible in during the 30 seconds.

jump rope – double unders from Zen Dude Fitness on Vimeo.

30 sec single leg double unders

These are just like the double unders, except you only get to use one leg. This is a very challenging jump to master, but it is the ultimate explosive exercise, especially if you can land it and keep going. If you can’t do this exercise continuously, focus on doing double unders and throw in a single leg double under when possible.

jump rope – single leg double under from Zen Dude Fitness on Vimeo.

Great Calves are Built, Not Born

If you’re strapped for time and want to build the most amount of definition in your calves, we highly recommend focusing on the single leg double under, double unders and jump rope single leg.

If you’re looking to get started but don’t have a good rope, we highly recommend the Crossrope. Totally amazing rope and you get a cool 10% off with this link.

Stay focused and remember that jumping rope should be fun. Move your body in ways that make you feel good and you’ll get the defined calves of your dreams before you know it.

Workout Recap:

Complete the circuit 2-3 times and rest for 10 seconds in between each exercise.

  • 30 Sec regular bounce with jump rope

  • 30 sec jump rope running in place

  • 30 sec single leg jump rope

  • 30 sec mummy kicks

  • 30 sec double unders

  • 30 sec single leg double unders

Nutrition Recap:

  • To gain muscle, you need to eat at a calorie surplus

  • Calculate your calorie intake using our nutrition calculator

  • Monitor daily calorie intake with My Fitness Pal



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