The Easy Guide On How To Get Shredded Abs

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The one you have all been waiting for, the answer to the ultimate question: how to get shredded, six pack abs.
This is a jump rope workout coupled with ab exercises. This workout is will be concentrating on the abdominal section of the body, where your six pack is hiding. We have included some of the best ab exercises out there that will help to build muscle mass and work on that abdominal structure to create those six pack abs.

Important: No matter how many sit-ups or leg raises you do, or how many cable crunches you pull out, or who your personal trainer is, no one will see your perfect six pack abs if you have too much body fat. A strict diet is just as important as ab exercises. You must be in a calorie deficit –  that means burning more calories than you consume – for you to lose body fat. This is the only way we all will get to see those shredded abs. Therefore, a high intensity interval training (HIIT) like jump rope is so important, which allows you to burn a high number of calories in a short amount of time.

So, when you do the hard work and couple workouts like this one below with eating in a calorie deficit, raw foods, lean protein, healthy fats etc, you will lose body fat and get that six pack.

The Shredded Six Pack Abs workout

Again, this workout is going to be ab focused, targeting all the muscle groups that other ab workouts do, but with jump rope as well. The jump rope we put in because we need to burn fat to reveal those six pack abs under that belly fat. This circuit needs to be repeated 4-5 times with 10 seconds rest between each 30 second movement and 1-minute rest between circuit. These jump rope and ab exercises together should give you an intense workout, build your core strength, burn fat, and help gain the muscle mass needed to create that six pack.

30 Seconds: Fast Skip with Jump Rope

For the Fast Skip, you start by jumping through the rope loop and landing on one foot, having the other foot lifted up a little. Then you’ll jump through the next rope rotation and land on the same foot, but this time you’ll kick out your other foot.

Then, after the next jump, you’ll land on the other foot and repeat the process.

So, you’ll be on each foot for two jumps each. Once with the other foot raised, then once with the other foot kicked out in front.

Then you just keep alternating.

*Rest 10 seconds*

30 Seconds: Ab Crunchers

Ab Crunchers starts with lying flat on your back. Then bring your torso and your knees towards the centre point while balancing on your butt. You can do this exercise on the Crossrope mat and you can aim for around 20 reps here.

*Rest 10 seconds*

30 Seconds: Side Swipe Single Unders

Instead of jumping through the rope, you’ll be swinging it around the side of your body. After the rope does a rotation on one side, you’ll swing it around on the other side.

If you’re going to start your Side Swipe on the right side of your body, bring your left hand over to the right side of your body, just above your right hand. As you’re finishing that rotation, bring your hands to the left side of your body with your right hand above your left to do the second side swipe rotation.

Each rope rotation should be done at the same pace as your Regular Bounce rhythm. Once you finish each rotation, you can jump back into your Regular Bounce or go for another Side Swipe.

If you can’t do this movement yet you can just do normal side swipes. We do have tutorials on this movement – you’ll get there, just keep on practicing.

*Rest 10 seconds*

4. Plank

Planking is one of the most effective ab exercises to build your core muscles and a fantastic way to get those six pack abs. With the plank you want to place your feet together, keep your back straight, your butt down, while resting on your forearms with your hands together. Don’t do the bad form thing, you always want good form. Bad form can lead to injuries, and who wants that?

*Rest 10 seconds*

30 Seconds: Double Unders

Double unders are a great addition to this fat burning workout that will up your fat loss tremendously in addition to the rest of the ab exercises.

The Double Under is a nice advanced move. The goal is to have the rope rotate around you twice before your feet hit the ground again.

To do this, you’ll need to spin the rope faster so that it can get around you that second time. You might have to get a higher bounce to give you more time to get the rope all the way around.

You don’t need to do this for every bounce though (but you’re more than welcome to if you want). Feel free to just throw one in every now and then while you’re doing your Regular Bounce.


They can take some practice, but with hard work you’ll get them in no time.

*Rest 10 seconds*

30 Seconds: Butterfly Kicks

The second to last ab exercise we have as part of this abs workout is the butterfly kick. Lying on your back with your hands behind your head you alternate your legs, kicking them up in the air whilst keeping them slightly bent. Keep your lower back on the ground as much as possible and try not to let your heels touch the ground.

*Rest for 10 seconds.*

30 Seconds: Sprint in Place

The last jump rope exercise in this ab workout, which’ll get you looking like a freaking fitness model, is the Sprint in Place. It is a simple movement, alternating your feet as you sprint in place, alternating one rope rotation with one leg lifted up. Each time the rope passes under you, the lifted foot should be returning to the ground and the other should be coming up. The key here is to get that rope up to a super-fast speed and kill the workout. Go for it as hard as you can whilst keeping that rhythm.

*Rest for 10 seconds.*

30 Seconds: Leg hang

Lying on your back keep your legs straight and together and lift them up in the air a couple of inches. Keep your hands to the sides, not under your butt (that’s cheating). Try to keep your core muscles tight in this one, and it should give you a great workout and develop your core strength. Feel it burn!

Rinse and repeat 4-5 times.

The Six Pack Abs Workout Recap

Rest 10 seconds between each exercise:

  1. 30 sec fast skip (Jump Rope)
  2. 30 sec AB Crunches
  3. 30 sec side swipe single under (Jump Rope)
  4. 30 sec plank
  5. 30 sec double unders (Jump Rope)
  6. 30 sec butterfly kicks
  7. 30 sec sprint in place
  8. 30 sec leg hang

Complete the whole circuit 4-5 times and remember to rest 1 minute between each circuit.

Remember always push yourself to the absolute limit when you train your abs or any training for that matter, that’s the Jump Rope Nation way. This workout routine will most definitely sculpt your abs and head you well on your way to a flat stomach and washboard abs.



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