Declan’s Insane Jump Rope Transformation

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The guy who we are featuring in this week’s edition of our jump rope transformation series is Declan. When we were first reading Declan’s transformation story, we got super emotional because he has the kind of story that makes us want to continue doing what we’re doing here at Jump Rope Dudes. This man is pure inspiration. Just a few years ago Declan was battling OCD, depression and obesity – weighing in at 284 pounds. He didn’t feel that great about himself and really never got into any kind of consistent fitness routine.

He knew he was obese and knew he needed to do something to change. Declan was always a fan of Rocky and boxing, so he searched jump rope on YouTube and found our channel. He started by checking out our beginner jump rope tutorials and started to make jumping rope a consistent part of his routine. Slowly he’s made incremental progress and now has dropped all the way down to 155 pounds. This dude literally cut his body weight in half!

How did Declan Do The Thing?

His routine consists of using either the ¼ lb rope or the 1 lb jump rope for anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes a day. By using these heavier ropes, he is able to increase the resistance on his body and shed body fat more quickly while building his lean muscle mass. He eats the right amount of calories and follows our nutrition protocols, which has helped him to lose weight and reveal his lean jump rope physique. Even more impressive than the weight Declan has lost is that he is now completely off prescription medication and out of therapy. Like many others in our community his mantra for life is DO THE THING and it guides him in everything he does now.

How You Can Do The Thing Too

A huge part of Declan’s success has to do with his consistency and dedication. He’s seen such huge changes because he really dialed in his nutrition and stayed accountable to his jump rope workouts.

If you want to lose weight and get that shredded Jump Rope Dudes physique, you’ll need to get consistent with your nutrition and workouts. If you’re intimidated by nutrition, start by plugging your information into our Nutrition Calculator. This simple tool will give you the exact number of calories and the proper amounts of macronutrients you should be consuming on a daily basis based on your height, weight and fitness goals.

When it comes to jump rope workouts, our 4-week challenge is a great place to start and this program will help you stay accountable. The best part of this challenge is that it consists of four weeks of jump rope workouts that can be completed by anyone at any skill level. Don’t worry about being in great shape right now. All our workouts are designed for you to start where you are and progress as time goes by. The ultimate goal is to get you successfully completing a whole workout by the end of the 4 weeks.

In terms of working out, to get results like Declan, you’ll want to focus on high intensity jump rope workouts to help shed fat. You can get started by checking out our jump rope workouts on YouTube or if you want a little more guidance, check out our Shredded Ninja Workout Plan. You’ll have access to our accountability group dedicated to fat loss so you have the support system you need to transform your body. You’ll get 12 weeks of workouts and more than 100 exercise demos and tutorials so you can see the proper form for every single exercise.

If you’re like Declan and your main fitness goal is to lose weight, nutrition is going to be key to your success. You can make your life easier with our JRD Nutrition System that features more than 30 easy to make recipes to help you eat right at home and when you’re traveling. You’ll also get a personalized weight loss plan and a step by step guide to eating the right foods.

Get Inspired

Declan is one of many incredible jump rope transformations that we’ll be featuring right here each week. His story is relatable and it’s easy to see a piece of yourself in his initial struggles with finding exercise he loved and overcoming health issues to lose weight. He did it and so can you. Make a plan, get the right gear and do the thing!



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