David’s Impressive Jump Rope Transformation

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Another week, another incredible transformation from an inspiring member in our community. This week we’re featuring the homie David who took control of his life and transformed his body. David was like a lot of people out there in that he was overweight pretty much his entire life. For as long as he can remember, he was heavier than the people around him and he just didn’t have the motivation to do anything about it. That is, until he found the woman of his dreams and knew he had to change his health habits if he was going to be around to enjoy his life with her. Below, you’ll learn more about his story and how he was able to execute his jump rope transformation. 

David’s Story

David is a guy who has been heavy for most of his life. When he was in grade school, he was the heaviest kid in his class and things didn’t get much better as he grew older. He finally reached his breaking point when he married his wife Chloe and decided he had to do something about his health and fitness. He started thinking about one day having kids and how he wanted to lead by example and teach them to live healthy lives. The only way to do this was for him to start transforming his own body through consistent exercise and proper nutrition. He promised himself that he was going to finally drop the weight no matter what – and he did.

How David Did It

David was able to transform his body and life by dialing in two things: nutrition and fitness. When it came to his eating habits, David had to start eating the right amount of food for his body. He started by decreasing his meal frequency and getting his total food intake on point. Once he did this, he started to drop weight.

The second thing David had to address was his exercise routine. Before his transformation, David did little in terms of moving his body and getting exercise. He wasn’t excited about going to the gym and getting a workout in just wasn’t something that he gave much thought to. He knew he had to start moving if he wanted to lose weight and make a change. David always thought boxers looked pretty cool jumping rope so he started searching for jump rope tutorials and found us. After watching some of our jump rope tutorials and workouts he knew that he could achieve his goals if he just stayed consistent.

How You Can Do It

If you want to lose weight like David did, you need to focus on proper nutrition and getting enough exercise. Just like David, you need to eat the right amount of food for your body. To figure out exactly how much food you should eat, check out our free Nutrition Calculator. It’s a great tool that tells you how many calories and macronutrients you should consume every day based on your personal information and fitness goals. Once you have these numbers, you need to make sure to hit them every single day. You can use a free app like My Fitness Pal to log everything you eat and track your nutrition to make sure you hit your target numbers.

One of the reasons David was so successful was that he also decreased his meal frequency. Instead of eating three times a day, he eats two times per day just like we do when we are intermittent fasting. Fasting is an ideal way to accelerate your fat loss because your body burns fat instead of glucose when you shorten your feeding window. Basically, we eat all of our calories and macronutrients for the day in an 8 hour window, typically between noon to 8 pm. After 8pm and until noon the following day, we don’t eat any food. Since intermittent fasting doesn’t change what you eat, but rather when you eat it, you can still enjoy the foods you love as long as you hit your calorie and macronutrient targets.

Like David, if you want to lose weight you need to start moving your body. We recommend starting with our free 4-week challenge where you can begin to build jumping rope into your daily routine. If you’re a beginner like David was, you can also check out our beginner tutorials where we show you the proper form for jumping rope and how to avoid common beginner mistakes. If you’ve already been through the 4 week challenge and are looking for another jump rope program, you can check out our Shredded Ninja Workout Plan. This program offers 12 weeks of bodyweight and jump rope workouts designed to help you lose weight. Both the 4-week challenge and the Shredded Ninja program can be repeated as many times as you want to help you reach your fitness goals.

Do The Thing

David was determined and disciplined when it came to each jump rope workout and his nutrition so that he could reach his fitness goals. You can transform your body and your life too if you put in the time and effort just like he did. Embrace the JRD core philosophy of ‘do the thing’ for working out, eat the right amount of food for your body and you’ll get the physique you want.



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