How to Fix Skinny Fat

how to fix skinny fat

Today, we bust the MYTH that skinny fat is a body type! This refers to someone who appears healthy but isn’t physically fit, carrying excess fat despite their normal weight.

How to Jump Rope Like a Boxer

jump rope like a boxer

Boxers are impeccable athletes, champions, and warriors. Legends like Gervonta Davis, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and Manny Pacquiao–we’re giving you their techniques!

National Skipping Day: How to Jump Rope for Kids

kids skipping rope

Did you know that April 24th is National Skipping Day in the USA? It’s a day aimed at raising physical health awareness and teaching kids to be active through jumping rope! If you’re a teacher, have kids, or maybe you’re just a big kid at heart–we want you and your kids to practice your skills and Do The Thing!

7 Ways to Avoid Shin Splints Forever

7 Ways to Avoid Shin Splints Forever

Shin splints can be BRUTAL! And a frustrating condition for serious JRD ninjas like yourself. Here, we’ll cover what causes shin splints, how do you prevent them, and how do you treat ’em? 

7 Jump Rope Tricks Anyone Can Do

7 Jump Rope Tricks Anyone Can Do

Some of the benefits of incorporating jump rope tricks into your workout: it adds variety and challenges your muscles, agility, and balance.. Plus, they’re fun and look cool!

How It Feels To Lose 70 Lbs Jumping Rope

Today I, Jump Rope Dude Dan, am going to revisit my 70 Lb weight loss transformation that not only changed my life forever but it’s how the Jump Rope Dudes began!

Top 5 Beginner Jump Rope Mistakes

Today we’re going to review proper form and the top 5 jump rope mistakes beginners often make. Are you guilty of any of these mistakes that can seriously derail your jump rope journey?

The JRD Lebron James Workout

Athletic mans dunks a basketball into a hoop

A body breakdown of one of the most sought-after physiques in the NBA – Lebron James. The nitty gritty on how he trains and eats to be such an athletic force to be reckoned with, plus a workout inspired by the man himself.

The Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout

A killer jump rope workout and nutrition plan to get shredded like Brad Pitt in his most infamous role.

How to Finally Get Rid of Belly Fat 

We know how frustrating – sometimes infuriating – it can be to try to get rid of it because it’s by far the most stubborn and difficult type of fat to banish, and we’re going to tell you why.