Burn 1074 Calories An Hour Jumping Rope

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Alright guys, here’s the real deal. Business Insider released an article with a list of the 36 exercises ranked in order of what burns the most calories.

Their numero uno goes straight to jump rope.

What they found is that jump rope is the most efficient way to burn fat. They had a lot of things on the list like slow and brisk walking, running at a moderate speed, tai chi and power yoga, but you know that jump rope is king out here.

In just one hour of jumping rope, you can burn 1074 calories.

First, make sure you have a high quality jump rope. Most beginners make the mistake of selecting a cheap jump rope that limits smoothness and makes for a lame experience.

We use our exclusive Zen Dude Fitness jump rope from Crossrope for versatility and the best movement. This jump rope has Crossrope’s Rugged Handles made with an almost unbreakable plastic, encased stainless steel ball bearings for a smooth jumping experience, and our durable 1/4 pound black Agility rope that can be used on any surface so you can take your training anywhere.

We broke our crazy calorie-burning hour out across 13 beautiful spots in Eugene, Oregon. Be sure to check out the video to see the spots, then try getting in that hour of jumping rope on your own.

Do The Thing:

Ready to do your own 1074 calorie burn? Keep these tips in mind to get the most out of it:

  • Most Important: If you don’t push yourself, you won’t burn those calories. No slacking off while you’re working on your hour! Breaks are fine, but make sure you’re keeping a good pace when you’re jumping.
  • To jump rope like a ninja, you need to hold the handles right. You’ll have much more control holding the rope close to the steel ball bearings.
  • Increase intensity and transition to beast mode with double jumps. Jump high enough in the air, or swing the rope fast enough, to get it under your twinkling feet two times while you are airborne. Be like the pros and use the double jump technique as part of a regular routine, instead of constantly doing the movement many times in a row.
  • Make sure to educate yourself on proper technique and rope length for your height so you can achieve maximum fitness.
  • Work some high-knees into your routine, and be sure to keep your rope a half-inch to one inch off the ground for better control when doing them. Don’t wear yourself out! Try it for a few seconds, then resume your normal jump roping movement.
  • Try some cross jumping while you’re burning all of those calories. Bring your wrists closer to each other for better rhythm and get in sync with the science behind jumping rope.
  • Mix things up to stay motivated by alternating the leg you jump off. Change the movement by running in place, alternating legs or bouncing off both feet. Practice the technique until you’ve got it down and then work in some crossovers to take intensity up a notch.
  • You’re a ninja, so add track inspired moves to your routine with run skips.
  • Run skips too easy for a seasoned pro like you? Make it more difficult by adding crossovers to challenge your multitasking skills.
  • And don’t forget: Take care of yourself and get into a state of being where you flow with the movement of the rope. Be completely present and have fun with it just like the shredders around you.

Get out there Zen Dude Nation. And if you want more on burning calories with jumping rope, get started by joining our 4 week jump rope challenge!


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