Build Those Guns: How To Get Cut Arms

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What’s up Jump Rope Fam?

Part of the Jump Rope Dude physique is sexy arm muscles that look just as good in a suit as out in a tank top. Today, we’ll show you how to get those great looking arms with a jump rope and targeted arm workout. There are a couple of things you need to do in order to maintain shredded arm muscles. Before we get into the workout, we’ll go over some nutrition tips to get your set up for success.

Fuel Up Right

We say this over and over here at Jump Rope Dudes because it is critical to changing your body: You cannot just target specific muscle groups. In other words, you can’t just do 10000 squats and get defined toned legs. You’ve got to incorporate healthy nutrition and full body workouts that target all the major muscle groups to really change your body. If you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll need to eat at a calorie deficit. This means that you’ll be consuming fewer calories than you are expending. Our Nutrition Calculator shows you exactly how many calories and macronutrients you should be consuming to reach your goals will be a useful tool here. You also want to pay attention to the things you are putting in your body. Try to stick to healthy fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and limit your alcohol consumption.

Get Ready to Get Moving

If you want the jump rope we use every day and in all of our workouts, pick it up right here for 10% off. This exclusive jump rope from our friends at CrossRope is the best interchangeable jump rope system on the market. Its durable handles and stainless steel ball bearings make for a smooth jumping experience.

 Crossrope Crossrope

Part of getting focused and ready to get down to business is having motivation. Check out our jump rope music playlist to get into the groove and find your rhythm. Getting in the right mindset before a workout means you’ll be more successful, less likely to quit halfway through, and more likely to have a ton of fun.

Toned Arms Workout

This workout is gonna be a combination of high intensity jump rope along with some arm exercises including push up variations which target your triceps and make your arms look shredded. Stay focused and push yourself during every second of this workout.

While today’s workout focuses mainly on push-ups and cardio, you can combine this routine with weight lifting exercises. Things like hammer curls, triceps extensions, and overhead triceps exercises target your arms so you can build the look you want. Chest exercises like bench press and shoulder press can be combined with bicep curls and military press in a strength training routine to increase all around muscle development in your upper body. You can use resistance bands, free weights, light weights, or heavy weights; just focus on getting your body moving and putting in the hard work. Getting the body you want requires dedication and commitment so make sure to laser it in when it comes to food and exercise.

The Complete Shredded Arms Jump Rope Workout

Complete the circuit 2-3X. Rest 10 seconds between circuits. Do Double Unders for the last 10 seconds of each jump rope set.

1 Minute: Regular Bounce

The biggest thing here is to focus on form. You should barely come off the ground and stay between the toes and the balls of your feet. Stay light on your feet and keep movement in your upper body to a minimum. Just use the momentum of the rope to keep it going and keep your feet shoulder-width apart. With the CrossRope it’s way easier to jump and keep things smooth because they are the dopest jump ropes out there. For the last 10 seconds, we are doing Double Unders. Don’t worry if you mess up – just pick it right back up and keep moving.

*Rest 10 seconds*

30 Seconds: Tricep Push-Ups

Protect your shoulders by bringing your elbows in and put all of the tension right on those triceps muscles to create those cut arms. Keep it controlled, if you need to go to your knees, go for it, it’s cool as long as you’re getting intense.

*Rest 10 seconds*

1 Minute: Regular Bounce

During this set here, we want you to focus on getting in your zone. Let go of everything else you have going on in your world, and just focus on your breath. Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth, and find a rhythm. The goal here is not to kill yourself; you should be going about 70% of your maximum output.  Keep everything controlled and exercise great form. Finish strong for the last 10 seconds with Doubles Unders. Push yourself here, because at the end of this circuit you get a little rest.

*Rest 10 seconds*

30 Seconds: Shoulder Tap

Now we’ll get back into push-ups. Keep everything controlled and tight through your core. Keep those core muscles engaged and don’t let your core or your booty sag on this. Shift your weight back and forth onto your left arm and then your right arm. Tap the opposite shoulder with your right and left hand every time you come up.

*Rest 10 seconds*

1 Minute: Regular Bounce

We’re working the endurance for this 1-minute set and we’ll power it out strong with Double Unders again for the last 10 seconds. Something we want you guys to keep in mind during your exercise routines is that it’s not gonna be easy. There’s gonna be a voice in the back of your head that says quit, you don’t need to finish the circuit or you’ve done enough already. Tell that voice that you ain’t had enough yet! Finish strong and make your time here count.

*Rest 10 seconds*

30 Seconds: Plank

Do not let your belly or back sag, keep everything tight by using your core muscles to stay strong. Keep your arms slightly bent in the elbows and squeeze in your arms and core. No reps off here, this isn’t a time to rest. Make this an active workout and you’ll get the physique you want.

*Rest 10 seconds*

1 Minute: Regular Bounce

This is the final jump rope exercise of this circuit so finish strong here. Let’s go hard for the last ten seconds with your final set of Double Unders.

*Rest 10 seconds*

30 Seconds: Plyo Push-Ups

These are really hard so if you can’t quite do them, go ahead and go down to your knees and do the push-ups from there.  It is all gonna be worth it because this is how you get shredded, by putting in that hard work. It hurts and it burns, but that means what you’re doing is working and you’re breaking down those muscle fibers to build them up stronger. Your body should be shaking and you should be sweating as you wrap up this bodyweight workout. Good work!

Do The Thing

So what are you waiting for? Grab a jump rope, make the world your gym, and get after the physique of your dreams. We’ve also got a 4-week jump rope challenge to get you excited about your fitness program and to help keep you accountable. Do the thing every single day, no excuses!

Nutrition Recap:

  • If you are trying to lose weight, eat at a calorie deficit

  • Know your calorie needs using our Nutrition Calculator

  • Eat lean proteins and healthy fruits and vegetables

  • Focus on feasting and do not graze!

Workout Recap:

  • 1 Minute Normal Skip

  • 30 Seconds Tricep Push-Ups

  • 1 Minute Normal Skips

  • 30 Seconds Shoulder Tap

  • 1 Minute Normal Skip

  • 30 Seconds Plank

  • 1 Minute Normal Skip

  • 30 Seconds Plyo Push-Ups

Complete the circuit 2-3 times resting 10 seconds between circuits. Do Double Unders for the last 10 seconds of each jump rope set.

Last but not least:



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