The Best Bicep Exercises

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It’s our goal to help you get the lean, athletic physique you want. For many of us, getting strong, ripped biceps is a big motivator when it comes to getting in shape. That’s why today, we’re going to show you a bodyweight workout to help you build bicep muscles so you can get the body you’re shooting for. We’ve put together a HIIT bodyweight workout that focuses on your upper body back and biceps. The best part about this workout is that you can do it just about anywhere you want because you don’t need a whole lot of equipment. Get into it in the gym or head out to a local park and do the exercises on the monkey bars – just make sure your workout spot has a bar that you can use to do pull-ups and chin-ups. We really like to get outside and use the world as our gym because it’s a lot more fun that way! Figure out what works best for you and get after it.

Bicep and Back Workout

*No rest between each exercise *Rest 1 min between circuits *Complete 5 circuits total

5 Pull-ups

Start by gripping the bar shoulder-width apart in an overhand position and pull yourself up using your bicep and back muscles to get it done. Keep your abs and core tight so you don’t arch your back. If you can’t do a full pull-up yet, don’t worry about it. You can use a chair or put your feet against a wall to add a little support.

5 Inverted Rows

For inverted rows, you should grip the bar slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and hang your body underneath the bar. You can use a ack at the gym and place the bar at about waist height or just hang upside down on the monkey bars if you’re outside. Keep your body straight, with your heels planted on the ground or against one of the monkey bars. Start with your arms extended and then pull your chest towards the bar by pulling your shoulder blades together.

5 Handstand Shrugs

This exercises is a lot like the handstand hold position here, but we’re adding in an extra movement to help build those biceps. Kick up into a handstand using a wall as support. Keep your elbows locked in the entire time and shrug 5 times focusing on using your shoulder and back muscles.

5 Jack-Knife Pull-ups

For these, you want to rest your feet on one of the steps on the monkey bars or on a box or stability ball if you’re doing this workout in the gym. With your feet at a 90-degree angle, your your biceps and back to pull yourself up just like you would in a regular pull-up.

5 Chin-ups

The difference between pull-ups and chin-ups is the way you grip the bar. For pull-ups, you use an overhand grip while for chin-ups you use an underhand grip. To make it simple, for pull-ups your palms should face away from you and for chin-ups your palms should face you.

There are also tons of bicep exercises that you can do help build those muscles faster. If you’re into lifting weights, add in some hammer curls, dumbbell curls and reverse curls. You can use traditional weights or opt for a resistance band if that’s a better fit for you.

We strongly recommend combining this bodyweight workout with your jump rope workouts to get the best results. Our free 4-week challenge is a great place to get jump rope workouts to help you get on a consistent workout schedule.


To get those shredded biceps to stand out, you need to maintain a very low body fat percentage. In order to do this, you’ll need to eat in a calorie deficit. All that means is that you have to consume fewer calories than you are putting out through your daily activities and exercises. If you don’t know how many calories you should be eating every day, check out our Nutrition Calculator, which will give you the right numbers based on your information.

Since the goal with this bodyweight workout is to build your bicep and back muscles, you want to make sure you’re eating enough protein since those are the building blocks of muscles. The Nutrition Calculator also tells you how many macronutrients including fat, protein and carbohydrates you should be consuming. Make sure to hit those numbers, go as hard as you possibly can in your workouts and you’ll see the results you want.

Once you have the information from the Nutrition Calculator, you can head over to a site like My Fitness Pal and create an account. On the daily, put down everything you eat so you can track your food intake and say on target for those numbers. They even have an app for your phone, so no excuses!

Workout Recap

*No rest between each exercise *Rest 1 min between circuits *Complete 5 circuits total

  • 5 pull-ups

  • 5 inverted rows

  • 5 handstand shrugs

  • 5 jack-knife pull-ups

  • 5 chin-ups

Nutrition Recap:

  • Eat in a calorie deficit

  • Use an app like My Fitness Pal to track your food intake

Do The Thing

Make room for these bicep focused workouts 1 to 2 days a week and you’ll start seeing results. The best part about these workouts is that they don’t take a ton of time or require a gym membership. Set aside 30 minutes a day and make sure you push yourself as hard as you can in that time. If you consistently focus on building muscle with bodyweight exercises and staying lean with jump rope workouts, you are going to get the body you want.



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