Simple At-home Workout Anyone Can Do Today

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One of the best things about jump rope is the ability to enjoy at-home workouts that fit your lifestyle and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Most members of JRD Nation have busy lives. They are trying to juggle school, work, family and friends all while trying to be fit.

Jumping rope gives you the freedom to workout anywhere, anytime. All you need are your trusty rope and space to #dothething.

Today, we’re sharing a simple at-home workout that anyone can do.

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Workout Prep

We don’t often show it in our videos, but we ALWAYS warm up before jumping rope.

It’s super important to make sure you get blood pumping to your muscles and stretch or roll out any stiffness before you begin jumping rope.

The only thing worse than missing a day of working out is missing weeks of exercise because you got hurt from not being adequately warmed up.

Once you’re all limber, it’s time to start skipping.

Workout Routine

This routine is low-impact, but high intensity. Spin the rope as fast as you can while minimizing your overall movement as you barely come off the ground.

Let the rope do most of the work and keep your core tight to sustain the intensity.


  • 30 Seconds — Jump Rope – Regular Bounce Fast

  • 30 Seconds — Jump Rope – Sprint in Place

  • 30 Seconds — Hip Side Plank Touches

  • 30 Seconds — Spider-man Pushups

  • 30 Seconds — Jump Rope – Regular Bounce Fast

  • 30 Seconds — Jump Rope – Sprint in Place

  • 30 Seconds — Star Jumps

  • 30 Seconds — Walking Pushups


  • 10 seconds of rest between each exercise

  • If you have time, complete this circuit a total of 5 times!

  • 1 minute of rest between each circuit

Remember: Intensity is key to burning calories and losing weight. Go all out during the 30-second intervals and savor those 10 seconds of rest in-between.

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Jump Rope Workout Demos

Jump Rope – Regular Bounce Fast

Jump Rope – Sprint in Place

Bodyweight Workout Demos

Hip Side Plank Touches

Spider-man Pushups

Star Jumps

Walking Pushups




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