Adam’s Crazy Jump Rope Transformation

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Every week we take time to put the spotlight on one of the incredible members of our community who have put the time and effort in to transform their bodies. Every one of these individuals has a relatable back story where they’ve struggled with weight and finding a fitness program that actually works for them. This week, we’re going to introduce you to Adam, a cool dude who decided that he was done with being overweight and feeling helpless. He took control of his fitness goals, dialed in his nutrition and lost a ton of weight.


Adam has a very relatable story in that he really just let his weight get away from him. He got stuck in a pattern that a lot of us do, where he felt overwhelmed by life and got into a very dark place where he just didn’t feel good about himself. But Adam did not give up and this is his incredible transformation story that will help you stay motivated and get the body you want too!

Adam’s Story

On Jan 1 2017, Adam decided enough was enough. He was 5’8″ tall and getting to be dangerously overweight at 233 pounds. He felt depressed and overwhelmed with the demands of life. Work was stressing him out and he worried about being healthy enough to take care of his wife and 5 young kids. At that point he decided something needed to change.

How Adam Transformed His Body

What spurred Adam’s transformation at first was the prospect of entering a white-collar boxing match that was posted at his job. To start training for his upcoming bout, he jumped on YouTube and found our jump rope workout videos. Over weeks and months he watched our jump rope tutorials and eventually even joined our muscle building jump rope program. It took Adam a really long time to get into jump rope because he felt like he couldn’t quite master the proper techniques at first. He even joked with us that he felt silly not getting his form down, because he knew that jump rope was something that even little kids could do. But he didn’t give up – he kept at it – and each day he got a little better at jumping rope and over time built the skills to make it a regular part of his training regimen. Beyond learning to jump rope – this man transformed his body and his identity. He became more determined and more disciplined with each jump rope workout and embraced the JRD core philosophy of ‘do the thing’ as his mantra for working out and everything in life.

By taking on our philosophy of DO THE THING he ended up reengineering the way he viewed the world and how he acted in it. In less than a year, Adam took control of his life and demolished his fitness goals – losing and insane 73 pounds!

He competed in the boxing fight that started his fitness journey, ran a 10k and even went skydiving to raise money for a charity. Adam is the ultimate jump rope dude and was happy to share that the physical changes have led to him feeling happier than ever before.

How You Can Transform Your Body

Since Adam’s goal was to lose weight, but also build muscle, he did two very important things. First, he was eating in a calorie deficit. Basically, if you want to lose you weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you are expending. To help you lose weight just like Adam did, you can use our Nutrition Calculator that will tell you exactly how many calories to eat every day. The calculator also tells you how much protein, carbohydrates and fat you should consume to reach your desired fitness goal based on your activity level and current height and weight.

The second thing Adam did was focus on building muscle so that when he did get lean, his shredded muscles would show through. To build muscle we suggest grabbing our Swole Samurai Workout Plan, which gives you 5 muscle-building workouts every week for 12 weeks. This program uses heavy weight jump ropes to build endurance and increase fat loss. It also includes bodyweight exercises to help you build muscle mass and get stronger. If you feel a little hesitant like Adam did when it comes to learning good jump rope techniques, you can check out our beginner tutorials or sign up for our free 4-week challenge to ease into things.

Do The Thing

Adam’s fitness is an incredible success story and yours can be too if you are dedicated and put in the hard work just like he did. By jumping rope consistently and eating the right amount of food, you can get the body you want. It’s simple to stick to a fitness regimen if you enjoy what you’re doing, so remember to have fun with it! We’ll be back next week with another insane transformation, so until then, stay motivated and get out there and do the thing!



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