700 Calorie Burn Jump Rope Workout

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Today, we’re doing a 700 calorie burn jump rope workout. WARNING: While no dudes (or dudettes) were harmed in the making of this video, the same cannot be said of the defenseless calories crying for mercy.

Calorie burn backed by science

How did we come up with 700 calories? Well, we don’t make things up here at Jump Rope Dudes so here’s some research:

According to this article from Science Daily ® :

“Jumping rope… can achieve a “burn rate” of up to 1300 calories per hour of vigorous activity.”

They go on to explain that jumping rope for just 10 minutes equates to running an 8-minute mile! Plus jumping rope is less impactful on your joints, so you won’t blow out a knee or ankle like a runner might.

Workout prep

We’re about to do a high intensity, 30-minute jump rope workout and the goal here is to burn 700 calories.

In order to reach the calorie burn results, you need to go all out on each exercise and bring a high level of intensity.

A few important things to remember:

  • Warm up first

  • Watch your form

  • Keep water handy

  • Have fun

  • Read this list again

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Workout Routine


  • 1 Minute – Jump Rope Freestyle

  • 30 Seconds – Pistol Squats (5 each leg)

  • 1 Minute – Jump Rope Freestyle

  • 30 Seconds – Alternating Toe Touches

  • 1 Minute – Jump Rope Freestyle

  • 30 Seconds – Pistol Squats (5 each leg)

  • 1 Minute – Jump Rope Freestyle

  • 30 Seconds – Alternating Toe Touches


  • 10 Seconds Rest Between Each Exercise

  • 1 Minute Rest Between Each Set

  • Repeat 4x (Complete 5x Total Sets)

Workout Notes

Instead of just listing the exercises in the routine and expecting you to do them, we thought you’d appreciate if we broke down the what and why behind some of them.

Jump Rope Freestyle

The goal here is to get more comfortable with jump rope and not worry so much about whether or not you’re doing tricks. Don’t get us wrong, you can add all the tricks you want, but you can also just do basic jump the whole time.

At the end of the day, we love jump rope as a fitness lifestyle because it’s FUN! Not just because it works and keeps us lean.

Freestyle is your chance to just do your thing and enjoy the workout.

Remember: Be mindful of your body posture and hand placement as you do more sets. Never sacrifice form for speed or tricks.

Pistol Squats

These are basically one-legged squats. If you can’t do these, the alternate option is doing regular air squats.

In the video at the top of this post, you’ll notice that Brandon uses one hand to maintain balance at the bottom of the movement.

You might feel awkward at first or not have the muscle strength to stay balanced throughout the movement, but as you stay consistent in jump rope and incorporating the body weight exercises we recommend, you will get there.

Remember: Be patient with yourself. Confidence and competence come with practice.

Alternating Toe Touches

This exercise is all about balance and mobility so it’s a little difficult.

As you reach down to touch the opposite toe, you’ll want to focus on keeping your back as flat as possible. Avoid the arch to lower your risk of injury to your lower back.

Also, this movement involves raising your other leg which will help keep you from toppling over.

Remember: A straight back is a strong back.




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