7 Jump Rope Tricks Anyone Can Do

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Jump rope tricks look cool and are a fun and challenging way to test your jump rope skills. Even beginners want to learn how to do jump rope tricks as soon as possible, and where to get started.

What’s up, JRD Nation? While you can absolutely get a great jump rope workout without doing tricks, but admit it; you want to do some sweet jump rope tricks, too – right?! We’re going to teach you how!

Benefits of Incorporating Tricks into Your Jump Rope Workout

  • It adds variety to your workouts.
  • It challenges your muscles differently
  • It improves footwork, agility, and balance.
  • It can help you achieve a meditative, flow state.
  • Tricks are fun and look awesome!

One of the most engaging parts of jumping rope tricks is that it creates a fun, challenging aspect keeping you interested and motivated to improve. The goal is that any weight loss and a sculpted, lean body are the results of doing an activity that you enjoy!

So, if you’re a beginner or new to jump rope tricks, here are the 7 simplest jump rope tricks to learn first.

1. Regular Bounce

Like learning to crawl before walking, it all begins with the regular bounce! You have to perfect your form and jump technique in order to work on incorporating tricks. 

Remember: your forearms control everything and do most of the work. 

Proper form for regular bounce includes: 

  • Staying light on your toes and the balls of your feet. 
  • Your heels shouldn’t touch the ground. 
  • The knees stay slightly bent.
  • Your hands are jutting out to the sides of your hips.
  • The posture is straight up and down and symmetrically even on both sides.

2. Run in Place

Building on the abovementioned jump rope form, practice shifting your weight from one foot to the other. Some find this easier to do than regular bounce, like an easy jog! 

You don’t need to jump very high off the ground and land in one place. This movement requires you to develop some “muscle memory,” it may take time to figure out the pieces and get them to work together. 

Keep practicing, and don’t get discouraged!

3. Single-Leg Jump

This is a challenge because it’s all on one leg! It can be hard to do a single-leg jump for long periods. To start, try 10 hops on each leg and then switch to the other side.

We love the single-leg movement because it significantly strengthens the calves and quads and improves agility and balance. 

Make sure you’re not hoping all over the mat, and keep your feet landing in the same spot. This is an excellent core stability exercise, as well. 

Practicing these will make you better at all other jump rope tricks!

4. Feet Front-to-Back, Side-to-Side

Similar to Regular Bounce, just shifting the feet alternating front and back or side to side. Keep your steps short and quick so you don’t get tripped up.

5. Front Straddle, Side Straddle

Again, remember your Regular Bounce form and move your feet forward and back or side to side. 

Keep your feet together and move just slightly – not big steps. Keep the rope spinning relatively fast, and stay light on your feet. 

6. Side Swipe

Hold the rope handles in your first and put them together with your dominant hand on top. Swing the rope (together, not jumping through it) on each side of your body, swinging it from one side to the other like a figure eight. Move your feet minimally. 

This move is useful because it’s easy for beginners. It can help you to nail down the rhythm and timing of the rope swings with your footwork. This move is always a good transition in and out of other exercises. 

 7. Lazy Side Step

This is a combination of the Side Straddle and Feet Side to Side. It can seem confusing at first, but you will learn this move from trial and error and repetition. 

Practice with us! Watch this video or any of our hundreds of workouts and tutorials, imitate our form, and practice over and over. Repetition is key!  

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