The Best 20-Minute Workout for Home, the Office, or a Hotel

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Sometimes the weather outside is just awful or it’s super cold and you don’t feel like working out outside. Or maybe you’re on a work trip or on vacation and don’t want to miss any days in your fitness routine. We understand, that’s why we’ve put together this 20-minute indoor workout that you can do in your hotel room or any room in your house. You can add this workout to the free 4-week challenge or just use it as your go-to program when you’re stuck indoors – whatever works best for you.For this workout, we’re not going to be using the jump rope, we’re just going to be doing bodyweight exercises. We’ll go through 5 circuits of 8 bodyweight exercises and we want you guys doing this Tabata style. All that means is that you should be going with all out effort when doing every single of one these exercises. Let’s get after it!

Hotel Room Workout:

*Repeat Circuit 3-5x *Rest 10 seconds between each exercise *Rest 1 minute between circuits

20 seconds – Air Squats

With air squats, you want your feet about shoulder width apart or just slightly wider than that. You want to bring your butt all the way down so you’re creating a 90-degree angle between your calves and your hamstrings. Really get a good tempo going and try to do as many air squats with good form as you can in these 20 seconds.

20 seconds – Front Lunges

Again you should be focusing on creating that 90-degree angle and getting as many in as you can. Make sure to explode up through your heel and get full extension every time you alternate legs.

20 seconds – High Knees

We recommend placing your hands with palms facing down at about waist height. Aim to hit your knee against your hand every time you bring it up. The higher you get your knees and the more explosive your movements, the more effective this exercise will be. Make sure to still stay in control though.

20 seconds – Feet Front to Back

With this move, you really want to focus on exploding off the balls of your feet and getting as many switches as you possibly can in this 20-second interval. Use your arms to pump your feet back and forth.

20 seconds – Walking Push Ups

Start by standing upright and then place your palms flat on the floor. Quickly walk your hands out until you’re in push-up position, do a push-up and then walk your hands back until you’re standing again. Make sure you get a 90-degree angle between your forearm and your bicep as you do each push-up. If you can’t do normal push-ups, come down to your knees and do a knee push-up instead.  

20 seconds – Plank

Here we really want you to give it everything you have and really use your breath. Bring your shoulders away from your ears and lock out your arms. Keep you core tight and keep your butt down while squeezing your abs in towards you back.

20 seconds – Ab Crunchers

Really keep your movements controlled here when you are extending your legs out and bringing your knees to your forehead. Tuck your chin towards your chest and keep everything moving smoothly and fluidly.

20 seconds – Push Ups

Focus on exploding through the palms of your hands and getting as many as you can in here. Keep breathing and make sure you are going with all out effort for every single one of these moves.

Hotel Room Workout Recap:

*Repeat Circuit 3-5x *Rest 10 seconds between each exercise *Rest 1 minute between circuits

  • 20 seconds – Air Squats

  • 20 seconds – Front Lunges

  • 20 seconds – High Knees

  • 20 seconds – Feet Front to Back

  • 20 seconds – Walking Push Ups

  • 20 seconds – Plank

  • 20 seconds – Ab Crunchers

  • 20 seconds – Push Ups

Do The Thing

There’s never an excuse to not do the thing. Even if the weather sucks or you’re travelling a lot for work, you can always get in a great workout. Use this hotel room workout or check out some of our other bodyweight workouts for inspiration. Make sure to set aside 30 minutes every day to get your workouts in and for bodyweight exercises, make sure to give it 100% effort and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. If you put in the time and hard work, you’ll get the body you want.



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